Years ago Pastor Don Kimbro, one of the wisest men I have ever come to know, said to me that “the Church is not baptizing enough people” SO TRUE! I know of many Churches that are not having regular baptisms, not reaching the lost and gaining souls for the Kingdom. So many preachers love ‘”preaching to the choir” They fail at carrying out THE GREAT COMMISSION! Pastor Jim Montoya was baptizing people in a park this past weekend in Valencia County! Pastor Jim is the one who taught me so very much about THE GREAT COMMISSION, he made it part of the back bone of the Church when I served as his Associate Pastor at the Church of God in Los Lunas, New Mexico. What is THE GREAT COMMISSION?

Over 1,000 baptisms have happened in four months at Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee.  The church’s senior pastor, Robby Gallaty, said in an interview with that he has “never seen anything like this before in my life” after seeing 1,051 people baptized over the last 16 weeks.

TN Church Sees Over 1,000 Baptisms in Four Months–‘Prayer Births Revival’

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