Promises That Kick Fear in the Butt


5 Promises That Kick Fear in the Butt


This world is so scary sometimes. I had to stop watching the news because it was so depressing. Fear is something we battle our whole lives. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man, woman, or child. It hits us all and we find ourselves scrambling for cover.

God knew we were going to be running around freaking out a good majority of our lives. He tells us what to do instead. He has provided a way to walk this life with peace of mind and calmness in our hearts.

When we get triggered it’s difficult to see these promises through the fog of panic. That’s why committing these verses to memory helps. That way, they are there when you need a solid place to stand until that wave of fear flattens out.

Promises That Kick Fear in the Butt

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