Ryan Denison posted this today, it fits my message here for sure!

A. W. Tozer once wrote that “It is not what a man does that determines whether his work is sacred or secular, it is why he does it. The motive is everything. Let a man sanctify the Lord God in his heart and he can thereafter do no common act.”

If we will commit to serving the Lord in excellence, offering our best to him in recognition of the fact that he has offered his best to us, then there is no limit to what he can accomplish through our lives. And each day offers us a new opportunity to do just that.

I am still shaking my head at this one at 4:11 am today! KOB TV is reporting that a   former Albuquerque police officer is the subject of an internal investigation for sending a contentious email to his fellow officers on his way out the door. The officer said that most people in the city do not care about police reform, they care about the crime in the city. I agree with the officer, but it sure ticked off some at City hall. Freedom of speech? no longer at APD? Maybe it hit the nerve of the Mayor who fired the last chief, Mike Geier at a meeting in a city park? There have already been 37 murders in Albuquerque this year, I would say most residents are more concerned about that! The Mayor cannot control the record murder rate, so he will look at what he can control which of the flesh. It is quite clear to me that Chief Medina is the puppet of Keller. We should be thankful anyone would want to be a Police Officer in Albuquerque! The city is fighting for its life. Politics and law enforcement do not mix! Keller is a politician not a law enforcement expert! APD is being run by a political agenda not a crime fighting agenda! Maybe Sherriff Manny Gonzales could change all this!

Politics is the playground of Satan!

APD launches internal affairs investigation after former officer sends out ‘controversial’ email

Local organizers to hold vigil in honor of Albuquerque homicide victims

From April 20th:

We have reported on this problem of politicians like Mayor Keller attempting to run the police department. NOT GOOD! Politics and Law Enforcement do not mix! I say again, the people of Albuquerque and all over America should be so very thankful everyday that WE HAVE POLICE OFFICERS! I have said many times why would anyone want to be a police officer in Albuquerque? The city is thick with murders and other violent crimes. The last report I saw was that Albuquerque was nearing 40 murders already this year. Gangs and drug dealing and addiction are a few of the leading causes of violent crime in Albuquerque. Yes! I know their some are bad apples in police departments, just like in all professions. We must remember this is a spiritual issue, hearts need to be changed for JESUS. The Church must carry out the Great Commission, reaching into the depths of hell to save souls. Satan is having his way with many. As Dr. Jim Denison said yesterday in his post here at FGGAM, “the church seems to be losing its influence.” I have been stating that for years!

Dr Jim Denison: This ministry exists to help people respond biblically and redemptively to our fallen culture. But such responses can feel like an exercise in frustration and futility. The moral trajectory of our society is clearly downward; our political divisions are deepening; street violence is threatening; Christian influence seems to be waning.

Catherine Marshall

Evil is real – and powerful. It has to be fought, not explained away, not fled. And God is against evil all the way. So each of us has to decide where we stand, how we’re going to live our lives. We can try to persuade ourselves that evil doesn’t exist; live for ourselves and wink at evil. We can say that it isn’t so bad after all, maybe even try to call it fun by clothing it in silks and velvets. We can compromise with it, keep quiet about it and say it’s none of our business. Or we can work on God’s side, listen for His orders on strategy against the evil, no matter how horrible it is, and know that He can transform it.

As expected Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales (pictured above) has announced he is running for  Mayor of Albuquerque. I loved it when Sheriff Manny went to D.C. and asked President Trump for the help of Federal agents to help with fighting crime!!! Manny is a Democrat and his party threw him under the bus! Manny said, “I will ask anybody for help, does not matter what party they are associated with.” My kind’a leader.

Officers resign from team that polices protests: ‘Tired of being managed by politics’
Albuquerque Police Officer Union president Shaun Willoughby explained on Monday why several officers left the Emergency Response Team following a protest, stressing that “morale is gone” within the police department.

Read in Fox News: https://apple.news/Auyf9vJYLTSaBif6aMaH62w

BCSO: Deadly rollover crashed now deemed a double homicide

Albuquerque’s 2021 Homicides

Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales announced Monday he is running to become Albuquerque’s next mayor.

Husband of slain Albuquerque woman creates political action committee to address crime

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