I was so blessed to get this note from our Dear Freind Jackie Low of Omaha, Nebraska! It is so thrilling to have friends all over the world! Jackie is from my hometown of Windom, Minnesota! I am so very thankful to the LORD how He keeps me connected to my roots! Sharon and I were talking this morning after hearing about another mass shooting in America, this time in Indianapolis, Indiana. The last report I read was that 8 people have been killed. These times reminds me of the the story of evangelist Smith Wigglesworth when he took to his bed moaning and groaning of all the sin and lost souls in the world. Wigglesworth is a hero of mine. I have learned much from him. This is a time when the body of Christ has got to come together and pray and love on each other. Darkest years I have seen in my nearly 65. Jesus wept. John 11:35 Sometimes I wonder if the Church has forgotten how to cry.
Here is Jackie’s love note!!! We need more Jackie’s in this world!
Hi Dewey its Jackie Low! I went on a hiatus from social media for a bit b4 Easter and it was tougher than ever this time around for many reasons, but mostly the habit of distraction I think! I see now you haven’t been feeling well and a heavy heart seems to be a big factor understandably! The air has been thick and heavy with negativity with no foreseeable end in sight and I have found it hard to breath some days myself! We cannot control what is happening all around us but we can care for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health so we can “endure to the end” and teach/help others to do the same…I dont think the trajectory is going to change soon but we can control ourselves by His grace!  Tom Petty said it well with…
You can stand me up at the gates of hell but I wont back down…I’ll stand my ground wont be turned around and I’ll keep this world from dragging me down gonna stand my ground! Well I know what’s right, I got just one life, in a world that keeps on pushing me around but I’ll stand my ground and I wont back down…I’m sure you know that song..And Francesca  Batistelli says it well also with
“I know who I am..I know I’m  strong, brave, and I am free..got my own identity, so fear, you will never be welcome here!
I’m kind of a music junkie and it helps me alot lol but as I was praying for you yesterday these are the things that came to me so I thought I’d share!  Peace love and blessings to you both!
We love you Jackie and those precocious kids of yours!
From Adrian Rogers:

But Jesus was a man of sorrows. He saw the sin around Him and it broke His heart. Jesus here is not talking about the moaners, but the mourners, those who primarily mourn over sin. In Matthew 23:34-39, we read how Jesus’ heart ached for Jerusalem and the destruction sin had brought to the hearts of men.


Do the things that break the heart of Jesus break yours? Do you have a dry eye in a Hell-bent world? It’s time to be like Jesus.

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