Like soldiers going into battle, we need to be prepared for grief but the culture of today does not prepare us for it. What we need more than anything else during times of grief is a friend who stands with us; someone who will not leave us. Jesus is that friend. The Lord prepares us to weather life’s storms. He gives us the power of faith in Him. He has told us that He will be with us always and never leave us or forsake us (see Hebrews 13:5). Often it takes that “knife in our heart” to drive us to Him. Our faith is dependent upon God, and when we enter the valley of grief, we need His help or we’ll never overcome the sorrow that weighs us down. And we can be a friend to others who don’t know the peace that comes from Jesus. The best way to help others is to tell them about the Friend that cared enough to die for our sins and bring salvation and peace to our hearts.

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