I thank the Lords for dogs. God’s creation! Their lives have preached to us! They have shown me and Sharon so much LOVE! Their lives preach love and loyalty and forgiveness for sure! You can tell a lot of about the human heart by the way they treat animals. The instinct dogs have is just amazing! GOD IS AMAZING! AWE OF GOD! BE THANKFUL FOR ALL OF GOD’S CREATION!

The picture at the very top is Buffy and Reno, Buffy passed away 5 years ago this month and Reno 1 year ago this past December. In this post is little girl Daisy and below her Brownie who passed away 12 years ago, she was known as ‘my dog’ we went everywhere together! She had a hard time with men, as a man had beaten her with a shovel. All of our dogs have been abused by previous evil owners, but then again, we live in a society that aborts God’s babies!!! Buffy was let go after she gave birth and then roamed the streets and was shot with a BB gun, close to her heart, Reno somehow made his way from Oklahoma to Santa Fe and was very sick when we got him, Daisy was shot with a BB gun and caged. As Buffy passed away Reno was lying on her (pictured above) as he knew what was taking place, so much love those two had for each other, it preached to me and Sharon. We rescued Daisy, or I should say, Daisy rescued us after Buffy passed away and we had her and Reno together until cancer took Reno. Daisy helps keep me healthy with our 3 mile walk/run everyday, mostly a run as she smells and chases rabbits!!!!!! LOL!!! People get such a kick out of her howling in the park! One more thing, when Sharon was very, very sick years ago, Buffy would not leave her side!!!!! Amazing!

For years Buffy and Reno where ‘ministry dogs’ people loved them from babies to the elderly! At one event, a cancer walk in Rio Rancho that Sharon was working at, my Mom was also honored at this cancer walk, Ruth Irene Moede passed away at age 64 in Jan. of 1995 of cancer, I weep as I write this, I miss her so much! Such a heart for God and people. I do not have words to express my love for my Mom. This is her graduation picture to the right. God Bless the memory of Ruth Irene Moede! Sharon brought Buffy there, as Buffy had survived cancer at that time and she ministered to all with her licks and love! Reno had a special friend at the convenient store by us, Rick Stambaugh who was the manager, him and Reno became such great friends. I posted at the very top a picture of Rick, Reno and Buffy, Rick was giving his daily kisses to them. Rick and his lovely wife Sandy became good friends of ours. Please pray for Sandy as she recovers from a real bad car wreck! We also would go visit people and also the kids in the neighborhood and at the nearby park. Buffy and Reno brought much love to many as Daisy does now.

When I was a little boy we had Zip for a dog. Our kids have dogs!

Patient dog waits for days outside hospital
Boncuk returned each day to hospital in Turkish city of Trabzon where her owner, Cemal Senturk, was being treated

Read in The Guardian: https://apple.news/Aq_LZQywDRf2ux8cCf90Nag

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