December 20, 2020

Sunday Reflection: Light of the World


To get the most out of this devotion, set aside time to read the Scripture referenced throughout.

During Jesus’ ministry on earth, people had many opinions about who He was. Some thought the Lord was a great prophet (John 7:40), while others believed He truly was the Messiah (v. 41). These opinions caused so much confusion and discord that Jesus was almost arrested (John 7:41-46). So just a short while later, when Jesus called Himself the “Light of the world,” it’s no surprise that He was challenged again (John 8:12-13).

Light is used throughout Scripture to describe God and His glory, and the people around Jesus would have understood His words to be a statement of His deity. For those who believed He was the Messiah, it would have offered reassurance and signaled the fulfillment of a long-awaited promise: The darkness would be overcome.

Think about it
• What made Jesus the Light of the world?

• Read Matthew 5:14. Why do you think the Lord uses the same language to describe His followers, calling them the light of the world?

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