This time of year we are drawn to Jesus and His birth.  We also realize that He so much more than His birth.  While it was miraculous – we see the miracles of His birth recorded in Matthew and Luke – we know in our hearts there is so much more than the events recorded.  The heart of His birth is the affect that He had/has on the world.

The part that has my attention today is  – NO ROOM.  Such a minor part in most telling of the OH SO TRUE STORY – and yet really not so minor at all!  Every detail of the OH SO TRUE STORY  is important.  This detail is one that we must NOT overlook – NO ROOM.

There was  NO ROOM  for Him to arrive in a house full of comfort, NO ROOM for Him to a be born as most babies were, with people in attendance and made welcome by the fuss and adoration of others.

How do you make others feel welcome?  What do people do that make you feel welcome at their homes?

Welcome means, being invited, noticing that the room and the house has been prepared for your arrival.  Welcome means they spend time talking to you and doing things they know you enjoy.  Welcome is seeing that they have prepared the foods and drinks that they know you enjoy, they have made the effort to find out what you enjoy.

Am I making room for Jesus today?  Do I invite Him into my life and my activities each day. Do I spend time with Him and also do the things I know please Him?  Have I prepared my world so that He is comfortable being there?  Do I know what pleases Him because I have made the time and effort to find out?


At His birth since there was  NO ROOM and no one noticed…God sent angels and shepherds and wisemen to notice and welcome Him.  TODAY let’s be THE ONES that welcome Him.  Let’s be THE ONES that notice and prepare every day for Him to BE NEAR, BE PRESENT & ABIDE in our lives.  Let us daily make ROOM for the VERY SON of the GOD of the universe to live HIS life THROUGH US.

And as a result of that, more people will come to see Him and know Him and make ROOM for Him, because the purpose of His coming is NOT the miracles – but being at home in each person that will make ROOM for HIM.


Written by Diana Navarre

Lubbock, Texas

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