Clara Nelson’s life preaches Jesus! When I look at Clara I see Jesus! The famous evangelist Smith Wigglesworth stated, “When people look at me, I don’t want them to see Wigglesworth, I want them to see JESUS!” Amen! I have known Clara for many years. She is from my hometown of Windom, Minnesota and has been a prayer warrior for all the Windom Revival’s and for the whole town for years! Clara prays over the town everyday from her room at Pine View Assisted Living. I am blessed to be able to talk to Clara every now and then. We also get a hand written note from her from time to time. She prays for Sharon and our entire family everyday. Clara is an awesome role model for us all. Windom is so very blessed by Clara’s prayer ministry! The challenge for me and you is that when people see they see JESUS? Do they see JESUS in what we do and say? Clara is one of God’s best ever servants! For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many. Mark 10:45. I love this write up my buddy Dave Fjeld did in the Citizen:

Cottonwood County Citizen

Clara celebrates her 94th

Dave Fjeld

I got a phone call last week and much to my surprise it was the dear sweet voice of Clara Nelson of Windom.
Clara is a resident at Pine View Assisted Living and she called to see if I’d be interested in sharing a short story on her life. When she called she was just days away from her 94th birthday, which she celebrated Monday. She noted to me that “if I make it to Monday,” she would be 94 years old.
Well, she did indeed make it to Monday and I’ll celebrate her 94 years by sharing her story here. I suspect that Clara wanted to make sure that people knew a very important piece of her life. And, if there are others out there asking the same questions she was asking almost 80 years ago, she wanted to make sure she had an answer for those people.
So, here’s Clara’s life, in a nutshell – and in her own words:
“When I was a senior in high school in Windom, I got sick and needed surgery.
“As a teenager, I was faced with death! I was afraid I might die. What would happen to me? Where would I go?
“I went to Sunday School a lot but this time I needed Jesus.
“Right before surgery, in the Windom Hospital, I silently called out to Jesus to come into my heart and life: ‘I am so sorry for my sin. Forgive me.’
“When I woke up in my hospital room in the Windom Hospital everything was bright – peace, joy, no fear. That was when Jesus came into my life forever.”
And for those of you who know Clara, making sure everyone knows the simple path to heaven, when their life is over on earth, is her only focus in the golden years of her life.
Clara has had a number of other experiences throughout her life, but she chooses to share this most important step as she celebrates another year that God has given her.
Happy birthday, Clara!
Clara’s song
Clara also shared a song that she wrote in 2004. Actually she wrote most of the song that year, then continued to work on the words to the song in 2005, finally wrapping it up in May 2005.
She asked if I would be interested in sharing the words of the song, which she also has set to music.
So, here is Clara’s song titled, “I’ll Do What I Can For Jesus Now.”

I’ll do what I can, I’ll do what I can
I’ll do what I can, for Jesus.
I’ll do what I can, I’ll do what I can
Serving Jesus each and every day.

Jesus has no hands but our hands
To serve others each day.
Jesus has no feet but our feet
To walk and go God’s way.

Jesus has no mouth but our mouth
To speak the promises of God.
Jesus has no eyes but our eyes
To read and share God’s Word.

The time is now to serve him
Jesus suffered and died for our sins.
He poured out His blood to save us.
Jesus arose, just ask him to come in.

Repent and believe on the Lord Jesus,
Believe and you will have eternal life,
God’s Word is true, for me and you,
Invite Jesus to come in today.

I know I am ready to go to heaven,
You too can be sure, yet today.
When you ask Jesus into your life,
He will be with you for eternity.

That’s a beautiful poem/song, Clara, and I know you mean every word of it. There are none who show their love for Jesus more than Clara!
Lighting up Windom
If you’re looking for something to do in the days and weeks ahead, other than sitting at home, might I suggest taking a stroll around Windom and checking out the light displays that have been entered in the Christmas Lights Contest.
The event is sponsored by the Windom Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.
A total of 17 businesses are entered along with – get this – 41 residences. That’s outstanding!
A map of the businesses and residences participating can be found in this coming weekend’s Shopper.


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