It is very sad for me to watch Rudy Giuliani embarrass himself and America. He once stood strong, but now he appears to be a damaged man. So very tragic to watch a man self-destruct. This is what happens when politics becomes your God.

I always respect people who tell us what we need to hear rather than what we want to hear…Our neighbors Doctor who is very respected here in New Mexico told her, “We will be dealing with COVID for at least another 18 months.”

I am so very blessed to serve our Lord and people. I get many calls for help during these days of COVID. Many are so lonely. These are not political issues, these are Godly issues. America is a mess, its divided so very much…..A lovely widow called me about selling her house and moving away to be closer to family. Loneliness and COVID have a lot to do with this. Many, especially the elderly and widows are going through such a hard time and many in this Country forget about them and make every issue that comes up a political issue! SHAME! Putting politics before God and people. Talk about God’s ways, not politics. Politics is the playground of Satan, just look where politics has gotten us! I can smell the smoke from Hell from here.

Meet the ICU doctor who is going viral for embracing a COVID-19 patient
Dr. Joseph Varon has worked more than 250 consecutive days during the pandemic.

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