November 04, 2020

Growing Through Our Adversity

James 1:2-4

What would happen if you approached a fork in the road and found two signs—one reading “Road of Comfort” and the other, “Road of Adversity”? Most of us would probably veer onto the path of comfort with a sigh of relief, because no one wants to experience pain, disappointment, or loss. Yet hardships are an essential part of the believer’s spiritual journey.

First of all, adversity reveals our view of the Lord. The more clearly we understand who God is and what He desires to accomplish in us, the stronger our faith and the greater our joy will be. But if we’re focused on the negative aspects of our circumstances, we may begin to doubt His loving sovereignty and good purposes.

Second, adversity teaches us the truth about ourselves. Sinful attitudes and misplaced priorities often come to the surface in times of affliction. Though we may just want the situation to improve, God intends to teach us through it. So it’s important that we have a willingness to learn.

Instead of seeing our difficulties as loss, we need to view them as a means God uses to build endurance. Then we may be, as James says, “lacking in nothing” (James 1:4).

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