I have literally been praying for God’s revival of His people, and a Spiritual awakening deeply within America since 1992 — 28 years of expectations!  And in many of those years, while God answered an untold number of important prayers, He seemed to be overtly quiet concerning my prayers for revival.

Have you experienced God’s silence on certain matters of prayer, as I have?   My guess is that you have.   I have found that His selected silence is an affirmation that He is listening and He has heard.  After all, He has answered multitudes of prayers of other importance in that same period of time.  He is listening.  Plus, my desire to see His Church re-invigorated and multitudes saved is high on His list of desires for this sin darkened world, as well.

Friends, my understanding of how and why God works the way He does is very limited, but my trust in His wisdom and Sovereignty keeps me filled with expectant hope in His silence.  I trust Him.  I have peace.

“Those persons who know the deep peace of God, the unfathomable peace that passeth all understanding, are always men and women of much prayer.”    R. A. Torrey

Historically, God’s timing for sending revival has been during the darkest hours of human events, as this gives the most expansive perception to His glory and power.   Hang in there beloved, that evil gloom lingers over our nation as never before.   And, just above the dark stormy clouds is the brilliance of His glory and majesty.

Is God working to bring answers to my prayers for revival and awakening?

“ . . . Jesus answered them, “My Father has been working until now, and I have been working.”  (John 5:17)

God is always working around us.   My God uses so many people and things to bring about His purposes, many times over the course of several years, even generations.  His work is unending and perfect in its outcome.  With God there is not simply try to make something work, there is only doing, and doing it right.

Beloved, I have not heard God telling me that He is working things out for us; neither has He shared with me what He is doing, but I have been watching and praying as He has commanded.  In my watching (paying attention, listening, mulling things over, seeking to know what’s going on) and in my praying (speaking with and listening for and to God), my expectations are higher than ever before.  I am feeling the silence of God over my prayers for revival and awakening will soon, and very soon, become shouts of joyous hallelujahs!

HOPE?   YEAH, great HOPE!   Pray On, Church, Pray On!

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