This is DYNAMITE from our Dear Sister Apostle Barbara Gould of Emmanuel Ministries International:


A battle is raging!!! It is a time of war — a war that we have not experienced before, to this degree, or in this manner. It is not a war between nations, that is, nation against nation, but rather it is a war against two kingdoms — the Kingdom of Satan vs the Kingdom of GOD!!! It is a war between light and darkness, life and death, good and evil, Heaven and Hell!!! This is a spiritual war which must be perceived and dealt with spiritually which will, ultimately, produce natural results!!!

Church, this election is not about two men. It is not about two parties. It is not about the donkey or the elephant. IT IS ABOUT THE KINGDOM OF GOD and the KINGDOM OF THE DEVIL!!! IT IS A WAR AGAINST THE SOULS OF MEN AND THE VERY CONSCIENCE OF OUR NATION!!!

In this election GOD is weighing the thoughts, words and actions of HIS Church. We are the Body of CHRIST. JESUS CHRIST is our Head, our Master and Lord! 1 Corinthians 2:16 tells us “…we have the mind of Christ.” The LORD tells us we are in the world, but not of the world. We are here to demonstrate the Kingdom of GOD to this world system which is ruled by the god of this world, Satan. We have been living in a time of critical warfare — a warfare that requires alertness, toughness, precision, and all manner of warfare tactics that our COMMANDER IN CHIEF, the LORD JESUS CHRIST, has left with us. We are here to ENFORCE the KINGDOM OF GOD!!! In this, the Body of Christ, the Church, has failed!!!

In 2 Peter 2:9 HOLY SPIRIT tells us: “you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, that you should show forth the praises of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” That is how GOD sees us. That is who GOD our Father, calls us to be. In this time of critical warfare we cannot afford to be complacent. Church we are in wartime. We must get into wartime mode — not with the tactics of the world system, but with the strategies and tactics of our GOD!!! The Bible tells us, that our GOD is a man of war!

The Holy GOD is depending on His holy nation to judge the condition of this nation, not by our parties, not by personalities, not by blue or red, not by the donkey or the elephant. NO! It is time for GOD’s people to get HIS perspective — we think like HE thinks, we say what HE says and  do what HE does. We follow His strategies and His tactics! GOD ALWAYS WINS, therefore, if we do what HE  does the way HE tells and shows us to do it, WE WILL WIN also!!!


GOD says: “I will judge My Church! I will judge their evil thoughts. I will judge their evil words and yes, I will judge their evil actions. I will judge My people first for you have chosen the altars of Baal and Molech and have not looked for and sought after the truth!!!

Turn from your evil ways. Turn before it is too late. The cup of sin in My Church and in this nation is overflowing and so is my wrath. And yet, I grieve for My people for you have chosen to walk in deception and lies, You have chosen to be bewitched. You have been bamboozled all because of your pride and arrogance. My heart weeps for you, My people, My Ekklesia, but I cannot look on the sin and total degradation of a people who know good and choose to follow evil.

There must be a cleansing — a cleansing in My Church, so there can be a true cleansing in the nation. The fate of of this nation rests with you!!! I will hold the leaders of My people accountable before I hold the leaders of this nation accountable. The ball is in your court. Will you turn from your wicked ways?

Once again, it is not about two men or two parties, that is Biden or Trump. It is about My Kingdom and this nation!!! I AM ready and waiting to raise up a righteous government. And yes, it will be RED, not because of the party, but because of My Son’s Blood that is crying out for you. It is crying out for mercy, and grace; it is crying out for deliverance and redemption for this nation that I have chosen to lead the world with My Truth. Yes, I want a righteous government. This nation was chosen to honor Me, to honor My Son, JESUS, to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom and to be a friend to My people Israel.

I have a remnant who have heard and are following My leading and understanding My ways in this time of critical warfare. It is intense, but I always have the final say. I  say to My people once again, pray, seek My face and TURN from your wicked ways. Confess your sins of pride and prejudice — racial, gender, socio-economic, religious divisions, strife, hardened necks/stubbornness, generational iniquities. I weep for My people who call themselves Christians, but are still walking, thinking, speaking and acting like the world who do not know me. I grieve because I must release My judgment if you do not repent. How can I judge a nation


that does not confess to know me when the Holy Nation that confesses to know me does not follow Me and enforce My Kingdom principles? I call you to repentance. With repentance there is mercy and grace. I will forgive your sin and I will heal your land.

My People, My Church, turn–REPENT! Turn from your pride and arrogance, your prejudices, your hardened, stubborn hearts, your rebellious and disobedient ways. Do you not understand that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft? You cannot stand against darkness if you are part of it. You cannot stand against death if you are a part of it. All that is demonstrated in the world is being demonstrated in My church. You must turn! You must separate from the mindset of this world system. My people you must perceive and walk with the mind of Christ. You must perceive and walk in My principles. I AM holy and I AM righteous. I will use you to help establish a righteous government and in so doing, I will transform this nation and other nations,


Apostle Barbara Gould

EMMANUEL Ministries International

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