Step Right Up, Step Right Up… Angel’s Prayer Of The Day


Step Right Up, Step Right Up…

Good morning beautiful people, good morning. Today, I wanted to pray for the next Supreme Court Justice. I was thinking about my prayer time there a few years ago. On the steps of the Supreme Court a young boy and his mother approached me. I was there praying with the Justice Foundation. The young boy kept saying I see angels all around you, I see angels all around you. As I inquired who he may be, his mom shared she was a single mom. One of my friends began to inquire a little deeper and remembered his name as being Gabriel.

I chuckled this morning at my memory of my own grandson’s birthday party. His mom and dad held it in the basement of a Baptist Church. I took an oversized bowling ball set for the kids to play. I would say, step right up, step right up, win a prize every time. Kids are so amazing.

Today, I wanted to ask you to join your faith with mine and pray, believe, and receive with me, that God Himself will hear our prayer of agreement (Matthew 18:19) and answer the prayer according to His will for the next woman that will be nominated for the Supreme Court. Arise woman, you are worthy!

Father, you have raised her up for this position for such a time as this. We join our faith around this globe for this woman. We are praying in agreement according to Matthew 18:19 for Your will for the next Supreme Court Justice. You said we have not because we do not ask God (James 4:2).  So today, we are asking you and we are thanking You for hearing our prayer and putting into place the right woman.

Father, we pray she will have a passionate heart for You and a passion to see America restored. Father, may she remember the children.

Father, thank you for ordering her footsteps (Psalm 37:23). May she step right up, step right up. We are ready to receive. Amen.

Have a blessed day God’s beautiful people. Continue to pray for America!

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