I am praying over so many things this morning, all the upheaval in America, it is just plain heart breaking and it is causing me and I am sure many other sleepless nights. I am still digesting this news…….Jesus must be at the center of everything we do in our lives. Suicides are on the rise here in New Mexico, the world is unraveling faster everyday it seems. I am praying now about reporting on the suicides….. I am listening to my LORD, we have to be so good about listening to our Lord and not ourselves in everything we do and say. It gets harder as the days get darker that is one reason you see so many people doing and saying stupid, evil things, they are not connected to the Lord, even so called Christians, I think way too many are in it for their own glory and not the GLORY OF GOD! AMEN! EGO stands for edging God out! Way too many are attempting to get on the throne of God!


The alternative name will be used as the theme for the 2021 Annual SBC Meeting, “We Are Great Commission Baptists.”

Several leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention are considering a name change with an alternative, “Great Commission Baptists”, in light of the recent racial unrest as well as the SBC’s past endorsement of slavery.

Speaking with the Baptist Press, SBC President J.D. Greear explained that despite the name being initially proposed in 2012, it wasn’t until recently that many leaders within the convention have expressed greater interest in using it.

Southern Baptist Convention Considers Name Change amid Racial Unrest

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