Godly Leadership and Polls


Ronald Reagan is an excellent example of Godly leadership! One of the many things I loved about President Reagan he gave evil Russia hell, and the wall came down. He did not coddle to Russia or any evil leader. I also adored how he loved Nancy! My other favorite all-time Presidents are George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Harry Truman.

From Adrian Rogers:


Which is more important for a leader—to be smart or be wise? How much better to have someone at the helm who is wise rather than just smart! When God offered Solomon anything he wanted, Solomon knew enough to ask for wisdom. Wisdom is the gift of God. I pray God will give us wise leaders.

What about in your church? Are those in leadership wise? Do you sense they are trusting in the Lord for every decision, devoted to prayer and study of His Word?

Many leaders today are not statesmen. This is true both in the nation and in the church of God. There are politicians making decisions by polls: “If I find out what people want and give it to them, they’ll vote for me.” They lead by what I call “the chapped finger”—find out which way the wind is blowing, then go that way. They’re leading not by godly wisdom but by human opinion.

Former President Harry Truman, commenting on polls versus leadership, said, “I wonder how far Moses would have gone if he’d taken a poll in Egypt?”

What would Jesus Christ have preached, had he taken a poll in Israel? Would the Reformation have happened if Martin Luther had taken a poll? What’s more important, polls of public opinion at the moment or right and wrong and leadership?


People with fortitude and honesty, guided by what is right, make history. What about you? You can’t have wisdom from God unless you are under God in service and worship. If you are jockeying for leadership, stop it. Instead, devote yourself to prayer and the study of the Word. Wisdom will be the result.

Adrian Rogers Website: Love Worth Finding

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