Getting harder to report the news with a clear head. I am almost crying this morning……I am praying over so many things this morning, all the upheaval in America, it is just plain heart breaking and it is causing me and I am sure many other sleepless nights. I am still digesting this news…….Jesus must be at the center of everything we do in our lives. Suicides are on the rise here in New Mexico, the world is unraveling faster everyday it seems. I am praying now about reporting on the suicides….. I am listening to my LORD, we have to be so good about listening to our Lord and not ourselves in everything we do and say. It gets harder as the days get darker that is one reason you see so many people doing and saying stupid, evil things, they are not connected to the Lord, even so called Christians. I think way too many are in it for their own glory and not the GLORY OF GOD! AMEN! EGO stands for edging God out! Way too many are attempting to get on the throne of God!
We give you our heart and soul in everything we do at FGGAM. I was called years ago to be a watchman on the wall for God and then He called me top be a Pastor then He called me and Sharon to talk charge of FGGAM. Before Sharon left for work this morning she said, “Honey you are very tired from your travels.” Right now I have two funerals this week for people that did not have a Pastor or Church. Over the years I have people tell me, “You are my Pastor” they don’t go to Church for various reasons. I have been on the road so much this month, please pray for my energy. I go to FBC in Reserve on Sunday, where I will be refreshed by the ‘salt of the earth’ folks. I do not up at 2am to 4am to report the news because of ME, it is a CALLING FROM GOD! That is what keeps me going, the calling GOD placed on my life! It is the best job I have ever had working for a Jewish Carpenter! I am not in this for anything else, but GOD! Not to be popular, because I am not, Some Pastors/Christians do not want anything to do with me. Sharon and I are not of this world.
My life verse is….“But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.” -Acts 20:24
I will be so bold as to ask you please to pray about a monthly love offering or a one time gift to FGGAM. Love Offering to FGGAM
Love in Jesus to you all.
Billy Graham wrote this: When we are what we should be inside, we will display the characteristics of God. True Christians will reveal the fruit of God’s Spirit in our daily lives, and all other Christian virtues will round out a Christlike personality.

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