Good Morning Beautiful People… It’s Time For The Eagles And The Wells


It’s Time For The Eagles And The Wells…

Good morning beautiful people, good morning. Recently, I was part of a prayer teleconference. As we prayed for an upcoming meeting, Healing Waters Women’s Conference 2020 I saw water gushing up. I saw the eagles flying high. After our prayer time, I called a friend in ministry that I have high regards for in Florida. We talked about artesian wells, we spoke about the eagles. When God’s spirit moves you don’t have to pump the pump, it’s like the artesian well. The water gushes by natural flow.

Today, let’s pray for all the meetings taking place across this land that are bringing people to Jesus Christ. Let’s pray for healing for all of God’s people. Amen? Amen.

Father, we come before you the second half of 2020. We thank you for the wells, we thank you for the eagles. God, burst forth the wells with no pumping at all, because you can by your spirit.

Father, we let you out of the box. Things don’t have to be done as they have always been. Father, give us prophetic revelation. Thank you for the bigger glasses of 2020. Expand our vision and enlarge our territories, for your glory.

Father, you show up in the most unlikely places, in the most unusual ways and our only desire is for you to move in a land that barely knows you.

Father, enlarge our thinking. Limitless Jesus raise us up to fly high, higher than we have flown before with new wind beneath our wings. Amen.

Have a blessed day God’s beautiful people. Swim in the river and fly high.

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