God’s Truth Beats The Enemy’s Lies


Dr. Charles Stanley: God’s truth beats the enemy’s lies
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In the August 03 newsletter: Get your own free scripture memory cards and see how God’s promises can drown out the enemy’s lies.


Keeping God’s Word in your heart and mind is such a great way to experience His peace and guidance during difficult times.

With the Blessed to Be memory cards, you’ll be able to call to mind some of Jesus’ greatest teachings. Each card has a verse from the Beatitudes on one side and a prayer on the other.

They’ll help you not only commit this special passage to memory but also apply it to your life through prayer.

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You are not alone

During this season, many people are struggling with destructive thoughts. Seeing everything that is happening, they feel out of control and want some assurance everything will be all right.

The good news is that no matter what difficulties you might face, God is your ultimate Friend and Helper in your time of need.

Conquer the fear of “I am all alone. No one is going to help me.”

You matter to God

Do you ever find it difficult to believe that God really cares for you?

Perhaps you remember how others abandoned and rejected you in the past. And you wonder if you might have done something to make the Father feel the same way toward you.

But as a believer in Jesus Christ, you can be absolutely certain that your loving heavenly Father has chosen you. He accepts you as His child. And He wants to be part of your life.

Conquer the fear of “I’m too flawed, too damaged, and God’s rejected me.”


Avoid the pull of sin

Our world is overflowing with enticements. And even though we’re Christians, we are not immune to its temptations. We constantly need to be aware of our personal danger zones.

Watch as Dr. Stanley shares how believers can successfully resist temptation and guard against deception.

Don’t let your excuses outnumber your reasons to resist sin

A daily habit

Growing in your faith includes developing a strong prayer life. Praying each day strengthens your relationship with God and helps you get to know Him better.

Listen as Dr. Stanley shares how developing a healthy prayer habit can make a difference in your life.

Learn to intercede for others and trust God to answer your prayers

Given freely

Have you been wearing yourself out trying to earn the Lord’s favor?

The thing is, God’s approval cannot be earned. There is only one way to receive it—by faith in His Son.

In today’s devotion, you’ll see that God’s rich and abundant favor is given freely to the undeserving through faith in Christ.

Find out how you can receive God’s favor by faith

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