The Causes of Insecurity



July 09, 2020

The Causes of Insecurity

Psalm 8

Yesterday we defined insecurity and saw how it could weigh us down. Today let’s look at some common causes. Insecurity can come from:

Rejection. When we grow up thinking no one really likes us, we turn into chronically reluctant adults who lack confidence.

Tragedy. Traumatic circumstances like a broken home, the death of a loved one, or abusive relationships can open the door for insecurity.

Poor body image. Whether it’s body shape, hair loss, or disability, physical appearance can lead people to see themselves in a negative light. The resulting shame and self-consciousness can permeate interactions with others.

Comparison. People sometimes become preoccupied with those who seem smarter, wealthier, nicer-looking, more successful, and so on. This makes individuals feel overshadowed and creates doubt in their own ability to achieve.

Failure. Because we pour time and resources into our work, families, and life goals, a setback in any of these areas can crush our spirit.

If this sounds familiar, examine your heart carefully. Ask yourself, In what area of life might I have deep insecurity? Remember, today’s psalm says God has crowned us “with glory and majesty!” (Psalm 8:5). That’s who we really are.

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