Larry Barker of KRQE TV: Millions of Dollars, Questionable PPE, and a Forgery: Did New Mexico Get Duped? Come on GOP! Where Are You?


Live your life so that at the end you can say, “All is well with my soul.”

Without wise leadership, a nation falls; there is safety in having many advisers. Proverbs 11:14

Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful. 1 Corinthians 4:2

I know this story has been out there for awhile, but I’m reporting it today as the Lord said now is the time. This stuff in New Mexico has got to stop. Both the Democrats and Republicans are guilty of corruption. Over a million dollars in secret pay outs during the Martinez administration for “money business”. AWFUL! Governor Martinez betrayed the people of New Mexico. How about her famous “Call off the Police I am having a Pizza Party.” NM GOP calls out former administration for secret payouts

Now this report on the Michelle Lujan Grisham Administration by Larry barker:

Millions of dollars, questionable PPE, and a forgery: Did New Mexico get duped? LARRY BARKER A Larry Barker Investigation

I will tell you this that the Republican Party of New Mexico needs new leadership. It is so very weak, if they think those billboards they are placing around town are going to sway voters they are crazy. The GOP does not know how to get a message out, all they do is slam Michelle Lujan Grisham, no solutions. no direct challenges to the Governor. The GOP will loose the office of Governor again if it does not take more of a direct message to the voters on TV and radio, starting now! Now is the time! Why wait???? If the GOP keeps doing the same thing, sending out weak news releases and a weak billboard campaign they will lose big in New Mexico. There are so many folks here in New Mexico that have a heritage of always voting Democratic. Give the voters a strong choice to vote for, invest in tv and radio. Listen GOP, you had a wonderful candidate to run up against Ben Ray Lujan, Elisa Martinez, and you elected a weatherman!!!??? The GOP also never puts big money behind their candidates! The GOP needs better candidates and money behind their people! Elisa Martinez was one of the best candidates I have seen the GOP put up since I moved here in 1995! Do voters even VET THE CANDIDATES ANYMORE???

You see, I put God first in everything in my life. Too many in New Mexico and America have made politics a religion, not good! Both parties have great flaws, they are not gods. I have freedom in the LORD!

Both parties have allowed the killing of God’s babies to continue in New Mexico. When Governor Martinez was elected the first time she was on live with me that night on KKIM and promised me and our listeners that she would end abortion.

Bernalillo County Sheriff, a Democrat, went to meet President Trump and get help for the violent crime in the Albuquerque area. Sheriff Manny is getting thrown under the bus by his own party! Why is not the GOP Party of New Mexico getting behind the Sheriff??? You got to forget about politics and stand for what is right, and what the Sheriff did was right, he put public safety before politics! I do not care if someone is a Republican or a Democrat, that is why I am an Independent, I vote for the person not the party. I don’t always agree with Manny but I do support him in this action.

Manny said on his return from D.C. is that we, New Mexico, are looked by many as a third world country! I agree we act like it!


More From Today:

America needs hope! I don’t see hardly anyone in office or running for office that gives me any hope. America needs a good long bath, it has become so dirty.
My Christian friends in South Dakota speak so highly of Governor Noem. I worked at KWAT/KIXX Radio in Watertown, South Dakota in the late 80’s.

Last night I heard from a friend that lives in New Mexico. They just traveled through South Dakota: “Just got back from South Dakota and loved everything about how the
state shows excellence, honor, hospitality and love for country and Christ!”

Would it not be such a blessing to have that said of New Mexico? Or any other state? I do not think to highly of most, if not all the governors in America and the same for the Mayors…… very, very cowardly. New Mexico is getting where it is almost beyond repair. The problem with New Mexico the corruption goes very, very deep. When I first moved here in 1995, many would introduce themselves and then say “welcome to corrupt New Mexico!” They would joke about it!

New Mexico is a beautiful state, but it kills God’s babies and expects God to bless it. It is a very violent state in many ways. The Feds have had to come and help us regain our lives, to walk and travel the streets in peace. Murders are frequent here. We are number one in Suicides in America. Our last governor was a Republican and she failed, she left a mess, so many out of court settlements that cost the state millions because of monkey business in her administration. The Republican Party never addressed the bad behavior of Governor Martinez, they just sweep it under the old worn carpet. Now the Democrat we have in office is worse, she has divided our state, she has been horrible to the Church, to small businesses, our economy is in shambles.

My home state of Minnesota is worse, a coward for Governor and the Mayor of Minneapolis is the same.

Some of my favorite quotes from the Governor Noem:
“There’s no governor in America that has trusted their people to make the right choices more than I have.”
“If you want freedom, personal responsibility and a government that works for you, rather than dictates to you, South Dakota is the place to get it,” the governor said.

“Not on my watch” Governor Noem stated this after threats were made to blow up Mt. Rushmore.

“More freedom, not more government is the answer”

Governor Noem is loved by the people of South Dakota, she is a uniter not a divider! Sure she has her enemies…If you stand for something, you have enemies. I pray she runs for President next time.

More on the Governor Here

Governor Kristi Noem

Our family had a wonderful night at the Days of ‘76 Rodeo last night in Deadwood! I’m putting a lot of pictures here because I told folks they could get them here….as you can see it was a beautiful night with fantastic people enjoying America’s favorite sport????????. Thank you to the rodeo committee for all your hard work putting on such a great event for everyone.

Pastor Dewey Note: The leaders of this movement tell it like it is! They are being leaders! Many Church leaders remain silent! We are in Chaos! I pray for more leaders in America like South Dakota Governor Kristie Noem, a uniter not a divider! I pray she runs for President next time!

As America Spirals into Chaos, Faith Leaders Summon Christians to ‘The Return’

Pastor Jessip: ‘Our Lord Always Has Remedy for a World in Chaos’

NEW YORK — Faith leaders are calling Americans toward nationwide prayer and repentance as the country spirals downward in a crisis characterized by the desecration of the traditional family, disregard for the sanctity of life, and pornography addiction.

America’s crisis long preceded the coronavirus pandemic, according to Pastor Kevin Jessip and New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Cahn, co-chairs of a grassroots church movement known as “The Return: National and Global Day of Prayer and Repentance.”

America has compounded her sins for decades, evidenced by an economy that adds $100 million of debt every hour, a culture that witnesses 40% of babies being born to unwed mothers, and 68% of Christian men viewing pornography on a regular basis, Jessip and Cahn write.

Jessip says “The Return” is the American church’s opportunity to humble herself in light of the desperate situation the United States and the world are facing.

“Our Lord always has a remedy for a world in chaos, a remedy he has used for generations to wake up his church, and it is simply this: God raises up chosen men and women,” Jessip said.

“In times such as these, our Lord uses individuals to respond to a world in crisis. He touches his servants in a supernatural way, transforming them and then calling them to a life of total submission to his will.”

Thousands of Christians and several hundred churches and parachurch organizations have booked travel to converge on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on September 26 for a landmark gathering of “The Return” movement.

“The Return” is the American church’s moment to consecrate herself through personal repentance and to position herself to be used as God purifies the bride of Christ, Jessip says.

“When God chooses someone to be set apart for a special, redeeming work, he gives that servant a call — and how the servant responds determines the power and intensity of God’s touch in his life,” Jessip continued. “This is the call to ‘come up,’ and it summons us out of the activities of life and into an unshackled pursuit of God’s presence.”

The call to believers across America and the globe resembles the Lord’s command of Moses, “Go to Pharaoh and say to him, ‘This is what the LORD, the God of the Hebrews, says: “Let my people go, so that they may worship me”’” (Exodus 9:1).

Jessip says now is the time for Christ-followers to answer this call, just as Moses did.

“Moses prized the presence of God in his life, as have many Christians who have experienced this call — this divine urge to commune with the Lord,” Jessip said. “The Lord is asking you to ‘come up,’ to meet him on the mount and let him fill you anew with his presence.”

“The Return” is for all believers who love the Lord from all denominations and backgrounds. Leaders already on board with “The Return” include Jonathan Cahn and Kevin Jessip (co-chairs), Mike Lindell, Michele Bachmann, Pat Boone, Dr. James Dobson, Mark Gonzales, Robert Morris, Marcus Lamb, John Kilpatrick, Pierre Bynum, Gen. William Boykin, Carter Conlon, Bishop Harry Jackson, Alveda King, Anne Graham Lotz, Pat and Gordon Robertson, Kevin and Sam Sorbo, Stephen E. Strang, E. W. Jackson and many more supporters listed at

Co-chairs of “The Return” Jonathan Cahn and Kevin Jessip have recorded a special video about the event, which already has over a million views. Watch here.

“The Return” is set for 40 days before the presidential election, and on the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower, in the days of America’s founding and dedication to God. Surrounding the “The Day of Return” on Sept. 26 at the Washington Mall will be 10 days, known from ancient times as the Days of Awe, to be set as a special time of prayer and repentance from Sept. 18-28.

Coordinated events within “The Return” movement will also take place throughout America’s cities, towns, houses of worship and homes, as well as in multiple countries around the world, as many believe the nation has been given a critical window of opportunity to repent and return to God.

Visit The Return at to register and learn more. Follow “The Return” on social media at Facebook: @ReturnEvent2020; Twitter: @2020_Return; and Instagram: @The_Return202

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