I want to thank KOB TV for this report! Chris Ramirez is one of my favorite reporters, he gets the facts! I know no race, only people. Back in the 60’s in Minnesota my Uncle Joe, pictured above at his home back in the 40’s,he was an awesome hitter, and Aunt Mary rescued black babies from the ghettos of Minneapolis. Joe and Mary adopted 6 black children and were foster parents to many children, 18 at one time. Joe and Mary were honored by the Kiwanis back home in Windom, Minnesota for their wonderful Godly hearts for children. Dr. Mike Fisher who still lives in Windom was President of the Kiwanis club at the time and presented Joe and Mary with the award. I have the Citizen newspaper article on the story. I want to add that Mike has become such an awesome best friend of ours!

One more note..Uncle Joe is one of the key people who had a huge impact on me becoming a Pastor. He was undergoing colon surgery at age 94. I called his room that day and he was awake and he told me when he was undergoing surgery the Lord came to him and told him to tell Dwayne, my birth name, that he must become a Pastor! AWE OF GOD!!! Joe was a strong man of God with a HUGE HEART FOR PEOPLE, just like my Dad and Mom. I have been blessed by such a wonderful….long Christian heritage!

I am thankful for these two gentleman for speaking out: Retired businessman Jewll Powdrell of Rio Rancho, and Dr. Larry Allen, a pastor in Albuquerque, have both been a part of New Mexico’s history.

Here is Christ Ramirez’s report:

Black conservatives in New Mexico decry BLM

A June 2020 Pew Research Center poll found that the majority of Americans, across all racial and ethnic groups, have expressed support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

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