I am like a little boy when it comes to things like birthdays! I celebrate my birthday everyday, as it it a gift from our Lord. Yesterday was Angel Murchison’s birthday. Angel’s ministry, ‘Destiny Moments’ reach thousands every month through her radio program, ‘Angel’s Prayer of the Day’ here at FGGAM and she has written a book that Sharon and I have ‘Good Morning Beautiful People’. Angel is also makes many appearances as a speaker in the U.S. and Canada.

Angel is so very faithful. I was introduced to Angel by another dear sister, Shona Neff. Angel and Shona met at a writers conference in New Mexico I beleive. Angel started a radio ministry program on KKIM Christian radio in Albuquerque while I was manager, that has to be about 12 or 13 years ago. Angel then joined us here at FGGAM and has been posting her daily prayer here EVERYDAY for what will be 8 years next month!

Angel is so very faithful in her service to God and His people. Angel is one of the most faithful Christians I have ever met in my life.

Angel means so very much to me and Sharon, she has prayed us through some very tough times in ministry. We love her prayer letters that she will send us from time to time.

We love you Angel, we celebrate your life everyday!

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