Believe For The Unbelievable… Angel’s Prayer Of The Day


Believe For The Unbelievable…

Good morning beautiful people, good morning. Do I ever have a story to tell you. A good friend who has experienced some negative events in her life has begun the process of putting her life back together with Jesus. It’s been hard, downright discouraging at times.

A few weeks ago we were praying for her a vehicle. One person spoke out and said it will have leather seats and a moon roof. We laughed as she made her list that she put in a sealed envelope in my cabinet, that we prayed over. Her budget didn’t reflect enough money for either of those items. She had barely enough for something with four wheels, that’s why we laughed. We looked at different vehicles along side of the road with a for sale sign. We moved our faith up a bit to look at car dealers and when we asked in her price range that made some dealers laugh too. That’s ok, we both have been laughed at before and I am sure this won’t be the last time. This morning I am still celebrating, because Jesus will always have the last laugh.

Yesterday, my friend purchased a vehicle. On our third stop a woman that was selling cars came out and assisted her. They had a car just taken in, just been detailed and not shown to anyone yet. This car had many extras including leather seats and a moon roof. As we drove down the road trying the vehicle out, I couldn’t help but sing and dance in the moon roof, I was so happy for her.

Believe for the unbelievable beautiful people. Even though the price was more than her budget, they accepted the budget, included the taxes, thirty day return policy, touch ups, fix any items necessary and so much more. Somebody shout… Believe.

Due to social distancing we couldn’t shake hands or give them a hug, so I gave them what I had. I had a few books in my car that I penned. Good Morning Beautiful People, Angel’s Prayer Of The Day. I signed a book and thanked this dealership for giving my friend a destiny moment.

This morning, I thank God for all the destiny moments in my life and the life of his people. I have experienced a lot in my journey with Jesus, and I am excited to journey the day with him once again. Some days are almost unbelievable.

Let’s Pray:

Father, thank you for journeying life with us. Thank you that you see everything, nothing escapes your watchful eye. You care about each one of us, every detail of our lives, you have it covered. You know the number of hairs on our heads. (Luke 12:7)

Father, how do we ever say thank you? We just want to praise you both day and night, never forgetting our brokenness and how you turned our darkness into light. I feel like dancing as I wait on you, as I wait on you. Amen.

Have a blessed day God’s beautiful people. Believe for the unbelievable!

If you can? said Jesus. Everything is possible for the one who believes. Mark 9:23

Somebody shout Christmas in July!

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