What it Takes to Be a Good Father


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In the June 15 newsletter: See what it takes to be a good father—and to grant forgiveness to those who fall short of that mark.


A good father is a blessing to his family. But if you’re a dad, you know it’s not an easy calling. And it’s not something you can do in your own strength. You need the guidance and mentorship of your heavenly Father. In his book Man of God, Dr. Stanley shares how men can best reflect Christ in every area of their lives.

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The father who left you behind

What would cause someone to do this to his own children? Those who have been abandoned by their fathers are often left with more questions than answers. But forgiveness has a way of helping us all see past our own pain and better understand those who have wronged us.

Healing begins with forgiveness

When you fall short of ideal

While there will be times you’re reminded of your parenting failures, you’re not defined by them. Christ died for your shortcomings on the cross. And your heavenly Father has the strength and grace to make up for your weaknesses.

Be kind to yourself

Wisdom for the road ahead

There comes a time in all of our lives when what used to work no longer serves us. And we find that playing to win isn’t a game worth playing anymore. In this open letter, one dad gives his kids advice for that particular season of life.

Take it from someone who’s been there


Make the best decision

Are you struggling right now? Know that God wants to help you. If you will meditate on His Word and listen to Him, He will give you guidance. Watch as Dr. Stanley shares how God’s answers have the power to save your finances, your relationships, your family—and possibly even your life!

Find wisdom by meditating on God’s Word

Praying for other people

Sometimes we’ll see someone clearly having a hard time, but not know how to pray for them effectively. Listen as Dr. Stanley shares how we can best intercede for others. And be ready—if you’re going to pray for God to change someone else’s life, He’s likely to change yours too!

God can make a miraculous change in a person’s life

The strength to endure

Circumstances can sometimes leave us feeling lonely. But in today’s devotion, you’ll see that our heavenly Father promises He will never abandon His children.

As a believer, you are never truly alone

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