This is from my brother Chuck Akeley, Air Force Veteran from Albuquerque. Chuck is POINT ON!

Here is my response to the FGGAM’s post about the NM Special session: “The lack of a cohesive sense of unity and the fractured leadership at the federal level, and now the state of affairs in our beautiful State of New Mexico, with only one voice ever being allowed to be heard (and in this session, even that was prearranged and not allowed to be reviewed until after the session began) makes me physically sick and spiritually moved. Not one bill from the GOP was even allowed to be considered, let alone passed. I never thought I’d see the day that being proud to be an American is bad, protecting our border is bad, history is bad, oil/gas production and self-sufficiency is bad, integrity in the “sacred” right to vote is bad, and low unemployment is bad. Or that I’d see the day that the freedoms for which so many died are snuffed out, essentially, by a single person predicated upon keeping medical facilities from being overrun, when even after that risk has abated, courts continue to sustain a system where one person tells two million persons how they will be “allowed” to worship, live, work, eat and recreate (and in some cases, die) or face charges. It’s not like we suffered a nuclear attack requiring a civil emergency due to fallout. It’s hard to decide if I should be angry, embarrassed or sad, but of infinitely more importance, if the Truth is a Person (and He is), then let’s seek His guidance in all things, including how civil government views those for whom it has responsibility. Let’s seek the wisdom, reconciliation, compassion, deference and joy (read: our strength) only available through faith in Jesus Christ! Let His power be our power, not our political parties and system or secular humanism.”

Chuck Akeley

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Here is what Chuck is referring to……….

FGGAM MEDIA CENTER Just received this news release from the NM GOP House:
Embarrassing Session stumbles into fifth day

Santa Fe- Today is Monday, June 22, the fifth day of the 2020 special legislative session. The House of Representatives could possibly be here through Wednesday. The Senate on the other hand, finished their work on Saturday afternoon.

The session has been marred with confusion, lapses in public transparency, and has revealed cracks in the cohesion within the majority’s ranks. This has caused the Speaker to resort to “breaking arms” behind closed doors to ensure party discipline.

The special session was scheduled following three months of excuses by the Governor as to why solving our historic budget crisis was delayed.  It appears the Governor is more interested in preserving her record 20% increase to state spending rather than trying to address the $2 billion revenue shortfall. 

Prior to the special session, the Governor and progressive legislators tried to frame the session as an opportunity to provide hyper-focus on fixing the budget and addressing the serious economic ramifications following the Governor’s forced shutdown of the economy. Yet, just hours before the session was to begin, the Governor revealed a slate of hyper-partisan legislation designed to enhance the Governor’s power and further her radical agenda.

The public and legislators alike, were not allowed to read the text of any of the legislation the Governor deemed worthy of consideration until nearly three hours after both chambers gaveled in to begin their work. Much of the session was derailed by significant technical issues that prevented public webcasting; further limiting public access following a decision to prevent the public from entering the building to watch committee and chamber debates.

“I think lawmakers and the public are both in shock that this special session has been marred by such partisan tactics while our economy implodes,” said House Republican Leader Jim Townsend (Artesia). “The Speaker should be embarrassed that we will waste more taxpayer funds to finish work that the Senate completed in three days. People are struggling to make ends meet, fighting to get government assistance, and businesses are closing. We were elected to make tough decisions and the only tough decision I saw made was to allow legislators to be paid while they sit at home.”

The main budget bill was passed without House Republican support due to bipartisan concerns that the continuing economic ramifications will be far worse as the year continues and will lead to massive cuts in government spending while setting the stage for significant tax increases on New Mexicans.

The only win for New Mexicans thus far has been to prevent the tax department from levying fines and penalties on taxpayers due to the Governor’s shutdown of essential government agencies and the private sector.

“There is a reason why Republicans call this session smoke and mirrors. We simply did not do enough to protect New Mexicans from massive tax increases that the majority obviously plans for January,” said House Republican Whip Rod Montoya (Farmington). “The real losers of this session are the businesses, workers and law enforcement who will pay the price for this lack of leadership.” 

From earlier today……..

Speaker Brian Egolf is so out of order!  What a power trip! Pray for New Mexico we are in very tough shape. Thanks to Rep. Jim Townsend, pictured above, we are so super blessed here in New Mexico to have Rep. Townsend! We have a first hand report:

Just to be clear, the Legislative Session did not end last night for the House of Representatives. We tried to end it but the progressives wanted to continue wasting a few more dollars. (The estimated cost for the session is about $50,000 per day).

Every Republican Bill was never heard. The speaker sent those Bills out of order to the Rules Committee to die. He never allowed the Rules Committee to reconvene. Purposely ignored the constituents of those representatives districts to force his political pressure, I am sure as he was instructed to by the Governor.

The Speaker ignored rules to advance his personally sponsored and promoted Bills. For example, House Rule 11-14-2 requires the Speaker to send Bills with appropriations to House Appropriations Committee for review. He knows that, he chose to ignore the rules so his political agenda could be quickly advanced.

On another occasion, 14 democratic legislators voted with Republicans to oppose a politically charged election bill change. That is when all hell broke loose. The speaker immediately picked up his phone called one of his Chairmen and had them move to Reconsider the Bill and adjourned to a Caucus meeting. Two hours later those legislators, with their heads held low, filed into the Chambers and enough of them changed their votes to Pass the Bill.

This is a perfect example of why New Mexico is so far behind the curve. In almost every ranked category; education, deployment of capital, seniors well being, children living in poverty New Mexico is ranked nearly last out of all 50 States and has been for years and years and we will continue being ranked last until change occurs and the people of New Mexico are allowed to speak through their representatives.

So on Monday morning, the House of Representatives will go back into Session alone, the Senate adjourned last night and went home, the House will reconvene and hear a memorial and a couple of other progressive bills and possible adjourn.

Representative Bandy of San Juan, on his last day of attending the Legislature, he is retiring, made the motion to Sine Di, but in unison that side looked to their progressive leader to see how to vote and followed their political orders as instructed. I’ll be glad, when the will of the people is more important than to whims of political leaders then and only then will the well being of New Mexicans be better.

Remember in November and vote for a change, vote for New Mexico, together we can make a difference that improves the lives of every New Mexican.


Legislature sends budget fix, election bill to Gov

From Pastor Dewey: I see it, it feel it… country is drowning… killing each other, burning down buildings, attacking police….making police feel they are no good…tearing down public property….tearing down statues….destroying America history..hating each other…not respecting each other…many ‘so called’ leaders speak hate…..many folks are withdrawing from society….these are serious times folks, we must share Jesus, the love of Jesus with all, we must get to work and carry out The Great Commission, we are not reaching the world for Jesus within our walls. I got verbally attacked by a man who got in my face about taking his parking spot at Smiths supermarket. WOW! I did not know that we had our own parking spaces at Smiths! LOL! I told him I am sorry sir, I will move my car now….but he continued to yell then finally walked away….many have short fuses these days…JESUS is needed by many. We must get out from our walls and carry out The Great Commission. Satan is having is way with many. Sadly, I do not think The Great Commission is preached and carried out by many.

I am so very thankful that I have my Sharon and the kids and Daisy and my Church family and the many friends we have through FGGAM……many Americans do not have a Church family for one reason or another.

One more thought…we were talking at Church yesterday about social media…… we all agreed that social media is 50% bad….or more? It sure can spread hate and fake news… at FGGAM we stay on social media because God says to shine his light, to bring the truth!

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Americans’ happiness falls to all time low: Three reasons for encouragement and the path to our best life

Read time: 5 minutes | Read online

In The Daily Article for June 22, 2020

  • Four surveys gauge Americans’ happiness and pride in our country
  • Remarkable stories in the news illustrate God’s trinitarian love for us
  • A prayer that leads to empowering hope

If you’re feeling stressed this morning, know that you’re not alone.

A recent General Social Survey shows that just 14 percent of American adults say they’re very happy, down from 31 percent who said the same two years ago. That year, 23 percent said they had often or sometimes felt isolated in recent weeks. Now, 50 percent say that.

In total, fewer Americans are likely to call themselves happy than at any point since the survey began in 1972. The study aligns with research analyzing words on Twitter, which reported that Americans’ happiness in recent weeks was the lowest ever recorded.

According to a new report by the American Psychological Association, more than 70 percent of Americans say this is the lowest point in US history they can remember. And the percentage of Americans who are “extremely proud” of their country has fallen to 21 percent, the lowest since Gallup began measuring this sentiment in 2001.

In response to the discouragement of these days, let’s begin the week with news stories that offer trinitarian reasons to be encouraged.

A star so large, Saturn’s orbit would fit inside it 

Did you see the “ring of fire” solar eclipse yesterday?

Such an eclipse happens only once a year. It’s a “ring of fire” event because the moon is at its farthest point from our planet when it passes between us and the sun; its small size in the sky leaves the sun’s outer rim visible, making it look like a bright ring.

Parts of China, Central African Republic, Congo, Ethiopia, India, and Pakistan were able to watch the full annual solar eclipse. Those in southern and eastern Europe and northern Australia were able to see a partial annular eclipse. If you live in North America, you were out of luck.

Our moon could cause such an eclipse only because our sun is relatively small. By contrast, researchers have been studying a red supergiant star named Antares. They announced last week that the star is so large, Saturn’s orbit would fit inside it. Not just the planet, but its entire orbit around our sun.

Psalm 147:4 proclaims that our Father “determines the number of the stars; he gives to all of them their names.” Here’s why his astounding omnipotence is so relevant today: verse 3 assures us, “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” And verses 5 and 6 add: “Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure. The Lord lifts up the humble; he casts the wicked to the ground.”

Our God created every one of the one billion trillion stars in the observable universe (that’s 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars). He measures them and the entire universe with the palm of his hand (Isaiah 40:12).

Now his power is available to heal the brokenhearted and encourage all who humble themselves enough to trust him.

A watch that costs more than $1,200,000 

I found my Father’s Day gift in the news last week: a Vacheron Constantin Celestia watch. It displays the time, local high and low tides, the relative position of the earth and moon to the sun, the length of day and night, the time of sunrise and sunset, and the position of the sun in the signs of the Zodiac. It also indicates equinoxes and solstices.

The back of the watch displays a large star map, which makes one rotation a day. The watch can be yours for just over one million pounds (that’s over $1,200,000).

As unique and expensive as this watch is, know that you are even more unique and expensive.

Anna Quindlen writes: “There are thousands of people out there with the same degree you have; when you get a job, there will be thousands of people doing what you want to do for a living. But you are the only person alive who has sole custody of your life. Your particular life. Your entire life. Not just your life at a desk, or your life on the bus, or in the car, or at the computer. Not just the life of your mind, but the life of your heart. Not just your bank account, but your soul” (A Short Guide to a Happy Life, quoted by James Clear).

Jesus’ best friend wrote this about our Savior: “If anyone does sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. He is the propitiation [atonement] for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world” (1 John 2:1–2).

Jesus considered your eternal life worth his tortured and crucified death (Romans 5:8). And he is praying for you right now because he loves you (Romans 8:34).

A boy in Iceland joins a basketball camp in Oakland 

One last news story: Bjarki Robertsson participated in the Golden State Warriors’ basketball camp last week. The eleven-year-old did the drills along with the rest of the kids in the annual event. He even joined in the fist bump at the end of a recent workout.

Here’s why Bjarki is making headlines: he did all of this in Iceland. The Warriors used video technology to bridge the four-thousand-mile gap between Oakland and Reykjavik. “He’s basically speechless,” Bjarki’s mother said of his experience.

What the Warriors did through technology, the Holy Spirit does through divine agency. If Jesus is your Lord, his Spirit lives in you as the temple of God (1 Corinthians 3:16; John 14:17). He will coach you and lead you through every problem and decision you face (John 16:12–15).

Here’s my invitation to you this morning: Name your greatest challenge, fear, or worry. Now trust it to your omnipotent Father, specifically and intentionally. Thank Jesus for loving you and praying for your needs right now. And ask the Holy Spirit to show you the path to your best life today.

All of God there is, is in this moment.

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