Happy Birthday Pastor Paul Holt! Our Tribute to You and Jo!


I love that picture of Pastor Paul and his angel wife Jo at the very top! Sharon and I love them both so very much. They have supported FGGAM in so many different ways over the years. I met Paul years ago and then asked him to do ‘Ask the Pastor’ and a daily news commentary on KKIM. Paul has been one our top advisers here at FGGAM. He volunteers his time to maintain the FGGAM website, never asking for a penny.

Over the years I have filled in for Paul a few times at the First Baptist Church in Magdalena where he is the Pastor. I have fallen in love with his congregation. If you ever can I would make the effort to go hear Paul preach! Amen!

I can’t wait until he invites me to Preach at FBC in Magdalena! I think I have been a good boy! LOL!

Paul and Jo shine the light of Jesus everywhere they go, they are also such awesome prayer warriors. Happy Birthday Man of God! We love you and Jo and your  family and entire congregation so very much!

Paul is such an awesome Man of God, A Real Man

FBC of Magdalena Website

Sometimes I think the Church and government thinks that the world starts and ends in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. WOW! Rural New Mexico is rich with such awesome preachers like Pastor Paul, Dave Schumm of FBC in Glenwood, Garland Moore at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Grants/Milan, Randall Floyd of Clayton Assembles of God and my list could go on and on…….I would encourage the big city Preaches to get out in the Country and visit some of these Pastors and learn the world they live in.

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