I figured this was the way this was going to come down. I am told Mark Ronchetti is a good man BUT he has no government policy track record, no pro-life track record that I know of. My 83 year old political wiz in Catron County Joan McCargish said Ronchetti would win just on name recognition. That is the way it turned out. Weatherman Ronchetti wins GOP primary race for Senate seat

I think this election says a lot about the problems the GOP in New Mexico has……..As the old Wendy’s TV commercial would say, “Where’s the Beef?” I am waiting for the GOP to botch the next Governor’s election. I pray the GOP will look at Elisa Martinez, Ethel Maharg, Rod Montoya, Walter Bradley, Bill Redmond, Couy Griffin, Janice Arnold Jones….What a team! Just my opinion.

I am sadden that the GOP has abortion as one of its top issues, but fails to elect its strongest pro-life candidate. Too many headline readers in America, not enough folks go deep into their research. Gavin Clarkson the other candidate is also known for his work in the pro-life community.

This is one thing that really bugs me about American politics, voters to not do their homework. Many no longer vet their candidates with God’s Word and asking about their relationship with their Pastor.

I am sure the GOP ‘heads at be’ figure the only way the are going to defeat Ben Ray Lujan is with Ronchetti and his name recognition from all those days on Channel 13. I have always thought he is a very likable man. I guess now Republicans vote for their favorite TV personalty.

I hear from many of my Republican friends that are upset about the lack of leadership and direction in of party. The GOP better get its act together soon or will not defeat Lujan Grisham.

I would have loved to seen a TV debate with the three candidates. That may have have made a difference.

I pray that Elsia Martinez will continue her work at New Mexico Alliance for Life. Elisa is one of the top pro-life advocates New Mexico has ever had. Elisa also knows the political system very well, having fought for God’s babies for years in Santa Fe before the Legislature.

By the way, I could not vote in this election because I am a Registered Independent. I think this is un-America. FREEDOM!

Complete Election Results

Yvette Herrell projected to win

Michelle Garcia Holmes declared winner

Democratic state senator who was convicted of DWI loses in primary

Light Turnout for Election Day



It was a telling time when the Chairman of the GOP here in New Mexico and most of the party threw Couy Griffin, founder of Cowboys for Trump, under the bus! Couy is a personal friend, a Pastor, Man of God, and many took that one phrase and tossed him away! The GOP does not defend its own!

You gotta know the heart and soul of the man. Pray for Couy he is getting attacked by many.

Earth shattering! New Mexico is changing so very fast like the rest of the Country. 5 of New Mexico’s 8 pro-life Democrats we’re ousted. The battle on abortion and marijuana is going to get tougher. Our state is already upside down on so very many things. Many of my long time Republican friends say the GOP needs leadership at this time. If the GOP is not smart about it they will lose to Lujan Grisham again.

When you read that Democrats John Arthur Smith, Mary Kay Papen and Clemente Sanchez were defeated, you need to take notice on the ground won by the Progressive Democrats. I am still very disheartened that Pro-Life Leader Elisa Martinez did not win her race against Mark Ronchetti. Name recognition over substance, Martinez is a leader in our state for God’s babies, she has been to D.C., she knows the political ropes, she knows how to deal with the ugly system. I am sure Ronchetti is a very nice man, he was a pleasure to watch on TV, I am told he is a good Christian man with a wonderful family, but the GOP really missed the boat on this one. The GOP needs leadership! The Republicans are at risk of taking a big hit in the upcoming General election. The GOP keeps putting up too many weak candidates.

Please understand, unless we challenge each other to do better, we will not do our best. I ache every morning in what I see in this world. I am taking heat for my postings, but I am here to represent GOD, not a political party. If the Democrats and Republicans are so great why is America is such horrific condition? Both parties hands are dirty. Both parties should be ashamed. People are very upset, some protest, some silently at home……we are a divided nation, in very bad shape. Right now there is no leadership in this Country. We now have the President at odds with the Military leaders and former Military leaders, not good, adds so much gas to the fires in this Country.

America needs a Peacemaker…….Jesus is waiting…..but all the Democrats and Republicans do is pour out hate. They would mess up a one car funeral.

ABQ JOURNAL: NM Senate leaders ousted in ‘monumental’ primary

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