Debate Has Been Hijacked By Demand

God Bless you Pastor Bill Ruhl for this excellent message! Pastor Bill of Global Destiny Ministry in Albuquerque is also Vice Chairman of FGGAM.
Bill Ruhl

Global Destiny Ministry

What has been lost in societies around the world and in our own American culture, is quite sadly the ability to debate an issue. The concept of debate is not shrouded in anger or the demand that one accept your point of view, on the contrary, it is based on the exchange of facts. A debate allows the participants to present their point of view on a subject based on their best understanding of the available facts. The desired outcome of a debate is that the hearers would listen and determine, based on the volume of presented evidence, “That which seemed good to us!” (Acts 15)
Debate has been hijacked by demand; the demand that you accept my perspective not objectively, but because “I” require you to do so. In other words, “My” opinion on any matter will be forced upon you. This is the sad reality of the days we now live in. The ability to debate with both passion and civility has been lost to an angry culture that has lost the ability to “argue” peaceably to gain a fresh understanding that would seem good to all. (Once again Acts 15)
The lawlessness and destruction, we are seeing around the world, has been stoked by the fiery rhetoric that demands ideological compliance and, therefore, denies your right to an effectual debate.

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