PRAY TEAM JESUS: Largest Christian Radio Company Faces Financial Crisis


Please pray for all Christian Radio and TV…..It is a tough times for all of radio and TV……..I know more on how radio is doing because I have so many friends in that great industry. Radio is responsible for bringing millions and millions to Jesus ever since it went on the air! I always said Christian radio is like a Church 24/7. Some of my best days of my life was working at WFRN in Elkhart, Indiana and KKIM here in Albuquerque.

So many Pastors and missionaries have been raised up by Christian radio!!! I will never forget the day that a Pastor walked through the front door to see me and he wanted to tell me he came to Christ through KKIM Radio!!!!!! Or the day I got a letter from a Mother whose son was in prison and she told me that he accepted Jesus Christ by listening to the programming on KKIM!!!! PTL!!! PTL!!

Many take Christian Radio and TV for granted.

Do not ever discount Christian Radio or TV…….every life, every soul touched for JESUS is so very precious.

Largest Christian Radio Company Faces Financial Crisis Due to Coronavirus Downturn

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