UPDATED: NM Governor Lujan Grisham Down Locks Down Gallup


UPDATED SATURDAY MORNING:Lockdown announcement surprises Gallup business owners

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This is from NM Governor Lujan Grisham’s Facebook page:
Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham

Effective noon today (Friday) I am enacting further temporary restrictions to slow the spread of #COVID19, temporarily locking down the city of Gallup at the mayor’s request.

Effective 12 PM today, all roads into Gallup are closed. Businesses in Gallup will close from 5 pm – 8 am. Vehicles may only have a maximum of 2 individuals. Residents of Gallup should shelter in place unless absolutely necessary for health or safety or a medical emergency.

Gallup city police and McKinley County sheriff’s department will partner with New Mexico State Police, the Department of Transportation and the New Mexico National Guard to enforce the emergency order and road closures. I sincerely thank all of them for their work to save lives.

The spread of #COVID19 in McKinley County is frightful. Physical distancing has not occurred and is not occurring. Stricter measures are necessary to stop the virus. A problem in one part of our state, with a virus this dangerous and contagious, is a problem for our entire state.

The imperative for all of us to remain home and physically distant has not changed. It is even more crucial for New Mexicans in the northwestern region. But what is happening in the northwest could happen in any part of our state. We must remain vigilant.

We are praying for the good health and safety of all! We are also praying for wisdom for all people. Let us all come together and pray.

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

Outgoing mayor asks governor to lock down Gallup

Gallup is the seat of McKinley County, which has been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak, with 1,027 confirmed cases and 19 deaths, as of Thursday.

New Mexico House Republican Whip Rod Montoya (R-Farmington) issued the following statement in response to the updates Governor Lujan Grisham provided yesterday “The governor, after weeks of inaction, has decided to listen to New Mexicans struggling to maintain their livelihoods. This is a start, but we still have a long way to go to repair a badly damaged economy.”

Governor taps mayors to provide insight into how to reopen the economy

Mayor of Grants hit with 2 legal challenges following his call for city to reopen

From Yesterday:

FGGAM MEDIA CENTER JUST IN: Gov. Lujan Grisham relaxes some NM business restrictions


House Republicans seek answers for the sake of every New Mexican

Santa Fe, NM– After weeks of Government imposed shutdowns and plummeting oil prices, House Republicans would like for Governor Lujan Grisham’s to address the following questions concerning the budget crisis:

  • Municipalities across the state, including the City of Santa Fe, have recently notified employees of pending furloughs to address their budget crises. Is your Administration planning to furlough state employees to help reduce the $400 million budget hole in the current fiscal year?
  • There are $1.8 billion in total state reserves (which could be closer to $1.4 billion after closing out Fiscal Year 2020). How far should the state draw down those reserves? What is the proper mix of spending down state reserves combined with spending cuts to balance the state budget?
  • Has your Administration estimated the fiscal and economic impact to the state’s economy since the Public Health Order was issued? If so, what has the cost been?
  • The Speaker and Chair of the House Appropriations and Finance committee have said that everything is on the table to address the budget shortfall. Does your administration plan to increase taxes to close the budget gap? If so, which taxes do you plan on increasing?
  • The oil and gas industry’s make up 45% of the state’s budget revenues.  With oil prices and oil production at historic lows, how does your Administration plan to balance the state budget without these vital resources?

Democrat leadership has insisted a mid to late-June session is soon enough to address the state’s freefalling economy. The people of New Mexico, the small business community, and journalists from across the state should be kept informed of these specific issues as the crisis continues.

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