National Day of Prayer, Celebrating Our Mothers and Seeking the Lord’s Blessings in All Things


This post is from Charles Stanley!!! We love him so very much! Dr. Stanley’s ministry supports FGGAM with ministry tools. PTL!! The picture, at the very top is of my wonderful, precious Mom Ruth Irene Moede. This is her graduation picture. Mom passed into the arms of Jesus in 1995 at age 64. Mom taught me so very much about how to live a good Christian life. My sister Deb has her Bible which is all marked up, notes and underlines and I have her conformation book which is the same. Mom had such beautiful hand writing! I think of my Mom everyday and how I am so super blessed to have her as my Mom. | Donate
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In the May 04 newsletter: We look forward to participating in the National Day of Prayer, to celebrating our mothers, and to seeking the Lord’s blessings in all things.


Prayer is God’s gift to believers: an open door into having a personal, intimate relationship with Him. And when we pray, we can depend on God to answer us. We have this special privilege of being able to turn to Him, and this time of crisis is no different. Join us in prayer using the guide below as we boldly come to God’s throne—asking Him to help those in need and heal our land.

Download the National Day of Prayer guide


Like mother, like daughter

As the saying goes, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Kids are like little mirrors of ourselves, revealing the good, the bad, and the ugly within us. They constantly remind us of how much we, and they, need God’s grace and forgiveness.

What parenting teaches us about ourselves

Giving your child the best chance at life

There are many circumstances that might lead a mother to put her child up for adoption, but the reason is the same: to give her child a better life. Trauma and abuse led Jennie Hundley to put her son into the loving arms of adoptive parents. And now she mentors other birth moms through the process of adoption.

One birth mother’s story of love and redemption
*Trigger warning: includes instances of trauma and physical abuse* 

When Mom can’t be there

Losing a parent is hard. You feel the loss throughout the rest of your life, especially when you become a parent yourself. But while they may be gone, God is with you. Through the body of Christ, He will provide for you and give you a family to help you along your way.

How does God provide for the motherless mom?


By your side

God wants to bless all aspects of our lives. In this week’s message, Dr. Stanley teaches us that when we take time to rest in God’s presence and get to know Him, we can pray with confidence as David did: “May the house of Your servant be blessed forever” (2 Sam. 7:29).

The Lord wants what’s best for us

What your soul longs for

Do you dream of becoming a household name? Being a famous actor, musician, or athlete may not bring the happiness you think. Listen as Dr. Stanley explains how real satisfaction only comes when you spend regular time with the Lord.

Why fame won’t satisfy your soul

An opportunity, not a curse

One of the hardest things for Christians to understand is how to find joy in suffering. Yet James, the brother of Jesus, tells us, “Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials” (James 1:2). So how is this possible?

See how hardship leads us to the Savior in today’s devotion

In the presence of the King

Dr. Stanley explains in his book The Gift of Prayer that prayer ushers us into the throne room of God. And it’s there that we find a personal, loving, and holy God eager to share Himself with us.

Order The Gift of Prayer

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