God Bless you Pastor Jude for this thought provoking message! Awesome!
Jude Sisneros

Sometimes I think to little.. Sometimes I think a lot .. But when it comes to God my questions are unending.. I need to know things.. As I read Gods Word this thought came to my mind.. What exactly did God give up when he gave his Son to this wretched world? I’ve come to the conclusion that I just cannot know.. Why? Because I have never been to heaven.. When God gave up his Son, his Son gave up heaven.. He left heavenly living to limit himself to a human body that hungers , cries, has stinky feet, etc.. Try to imagine that sacrifice.. Let me put it in this perspective .. Imagine leaving your home to become homeless and leave being human to become a gnat.. That is a gnat size comparison to the sacrifice God gave for us.. Imagine a God who lives outside of time, to enter time.. I know.. I think to much.. But because I’ve never lived in heaven, and I’ve never been eternal, I could never truly know the magnitude of His sacrifice .. Nor have I ever been sinless, so I can’t imagine how that felt like to become sin.. That is the meat and potatoes my friend of the Gospels.. In 2 Corinthians 5:21 the bible says,” God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God”. Christ went to the cross and became a sinner in the eyes of heaven for our sake.. Wow !! Just wow.. He experienced the pain and punishment due to every rapist, drug addict, prostitute, thief, mass murderer.. The list goes on and on.. He paid the price for sin by becoming a sinner.. Bam.. So since I’ve always been a sinner, how could I even begin to understand or truly appreciate this sacrifice? Not only that .. But I’ve never given my child up for evil people .. I might step out of myself to help evil people, but to actually sacrifice any of my children ?? I would never think of doing it.. But God did.. Bottom line.. It seems to me that God gave more than we could ever ask, and more than we could ever deserve.. Nuff said

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