Honoring Our Heroes


I want to thank Ethel Maharg, pictured above, for writing this very touching message. I cried as I read it……I pray this message moves many closer to JESUS.

Honoring our Heroes


On this Memorial day weekend we pause to remember those who died while serving their country.


In the many wars that our country has fought countless men and women entered these battles having counted the cost. They knew there was a possibility they would pay the ultimate price and give their lives so we might continue to be free people.


We must always remember the freedoms we hold dear, yet are often taken for granted, were bought with a price. Freedom is not free. It is purchased with bloodshed. Bloodshed of those who willingly go, knowing it is the only way. Our Lord Jesus knew that in order for us to be free from sin and death, He would have to die a cruel death and His blood would be poured out. Our freedoms are precious, and we must continue to fight for them, or we will lose them


In our world today we are engaged in multiple wars. One of these wars is the war to stop the innocent taking of lives through abortion. There are people who stand and pray outside abortion clinics facing criticism and sometimes outright physical attacks, yet they stand in hopes of saving even just one more child from death. Since the infamous law of Roe v Wade, we have lost over 60 million children to abortion. The total deaths far exceed all of the soldiers lost in all the wars we have fought. This is not to discount our American soldiers, but to point to the harsh reality of what has taken place because we allowed this to take place.  Here we too must count the cost, knowing that it will cost us something, it may cost us everything, including our freedoms and if necessary our lives.


This weekend as we go about enjoying a long weekend, take some time to remember our brave men and women who have fought or are fighting in the various conflicts. Pray for those who have lost loved ones and support those still in the battle. God bless you all.

Ethel Maharg

Ethel is the Executive Director of the Right to Life Committee of New Mexico.

Right to life Committee of NM

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