Does God Live at Your House?



Happy Mother’s Day…..
I’m Pastor Dewey Moede. I want to share with you about hearing God….getting so very close to God that you feel His presence in your home. If I asked you if God lived at your house, how would you answer me? God is everywhere. He is God Almighty. Do you feel His presence in your life? Do you hear God? Have you grown closer to God during this pandemic?

Sharon and I have grown closer together, we have been so very close, but during this time we have really grown even more close together and we also have grown so very close to God, closer than ever. Today is Mother’s Day, a Mother’s Day that is so very odd, in the fact that many will not be able to visit their Mother in person. Maybe by phone, video chat, by looking into the window of a nursing home..etc………all this should bring us closer to Almighty God and each other.

If you are teachable, this should teach us all that we control very little. God is God, God Almighty. I really think many Americans, got lazy and spoiled, thinking we were in charge! Too many have thought we as a people were invisible, but this pandemic has brought us to our knees. Seek the face of JESUS, PEACE, LOVE, STRENGTH…..Read His Word daily…then walk in it.

By the weay the pictire of the lovely house, is the house I grew up in! By Dear brother Dave lives there now with his lovely wife Denise in Windom, Minnesota! Dad and Mom would be so very proud of how Dave and Denise have taken such good care of our family home of LOVE!

Love in Jesus to you all and Happy Mother’s Day!

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