A Tribute to My Mom


I asked Ethel Maharg of Albuquerque (pictured above, her Mother, Carlota Eichwald pictured at the top) They look like Twins!!! As I was saying I asked Ethel to write about her Mom for Mother’s Day. This is a very touching story of love. Happy Mother’s Day Sister Ethel! We send you the love of Jesus! Happy Mother’s Day

A Tribute to my Mom.

My mom was the hardest working woman I know. We grew up on a farm and every morning I would see her go out and milk the cows, gather the eggs, and tend to her garden. My parents also raised cows, sheep, and pigs so almost all of our food was grown in our farm. My dad also raised alfalfa for our animals and sold the extra. It really is hard to talk of my mom without my dad because they were such a great team.

Mom always made certain there was plenty of food on the table. She truly gave us three square meals a day. This was an incredible feat since she raised 7 children. Once when visiting a cousin, her mom fixed sandwiches for lunch. We asked where the rest of it was. We thought sandwiches were snacks. From the milk she would skim the heavy cream off of the top and either make butter and on occasion we got home made cream puffs. She was such a good cook. Every Saturday evening after our baths we either got homemade cinnamon rolls or cookies. It is a wonder we didn’t roll down the street. I don’t remember having an abundance of money, but we always had an abundance of food.


My mom served along side my dad as he served the Village of Cuba a Mayor. She went with him to every meeting. Part of this was because he had been injured and she would help him drive when necessary. She also served her church and the local priests. She was a Eucharistic minister and was very faithful to that call. She accompanied the bishop on many pilgrimages.


My mom was very frugal, and she and my dad sacrificed in order to send all 7 of us to college. In her younger years she worked as a cook and waitress at the local restaurants. Also, with the sale of the cows and alfalfa they managed to get us all through. They were incredible stewards.


I lost my mom on August 15, 2015 and it was one of the most difficult losses of my life. This woman who had been such an inspiration to so many and her family was now with Jesus. The imprint she left on my life will be with me for the rest of my life. She fed the poor, gave when there was little and loved us with all her heart. She was truly the Proverbs 31 woman. She rose up early, worked hard, honored her husband, and her children called her blessed. I love you Mom.

Ethel Maharg

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