No Good Very Bad Place

Early in the morning I usually text Shari Johnson as she is awake already going at it for JESUS! AMEN! I start my day between 3am and 4am. Shari lives in West Virginia. This morning as we exchanged text messages I was sharing with her the challenges we face, the same you all are facing during this time. Shari then texted me her latest……Love you Sister! The Jesus Chick
I’m in between a rock and a hard place
Wondering when this struggle will be done
It’s not somewhere that I expected to be
It came fast, and I had nowhere to run
But if I have to be anywhere at all
I know that I’m where I need to be.
Because in this dark, no good, very bad place
Praise God the Rock’s with me.
He stands by me, I’ve not taken one step alone
He carries me, those times I feel I can’t go on
I’ve felt His arms a thousand times
His hands have caught every tear
Yes this may be a no good, very bad place
But Praise God the Rock is near.
Vs 2:
The word is filled with stories of people
Who were between the Rock and that place
A different time, a different reason
But they were still running that race.
Their testimony is now my story
And their God is my God too
Jesus, the Rock of my foundation
will carry all His children through

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