Martinez and Ronchetti Emerge as Top GOP Challengers to Democrat Ben Ray Lujan


The picture above is of Elisa Martinez and her Mom.

I watch all these races and all the candidates……I am a registered Independent. I vote for the candidate not the party. I have known Elisa Martinez for years. I have interviewed her on radio and here at FGGAM, I have had several conversations with her over the years. Elisa shines the light of Jesus, she stands for God’s babies. Years ago she started New Mexico Alliance for Life. Elisa has been on the front lines in the fight for life in New Mexico for years. Elisa also is well versed on all the other issues we face here in New Mexico and our Country. I have known Elisa to always tell the truth.

I do not know Mark Ronchetti, other than from watching him on TV do the weather. I can tell he is a very passionate man in the work he does. I watched his announcement speech on the internet and the passion to serve shines. I have a Pastor friend who says that Mark is a very good man. New Mexico is blessed to have Elisa and Mark.

For me, I look for candidates that have a passion to serve Jesus and His people that will be honest, that will abide in the Word of God, never lie or use cuss words. I look for people that are awesome role models for our children. Candidates that are well versed on all issues, that stand for life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness for all, that stand for the Constitution. Many have forgotten about the babies who are aborted everyday in American and many have forgotten about our elderly.

Having quality people run for office is a very awesome blessing. New Mexico at times lacks good candidates, that is still a problem. Please vet your candidates with the Bible, we get poor leaders because we do not vet them!!!

Elisa Martinez and Mark Ronchetti Top GOP Senate Candidates

Democrat Report

From The New Mexico Republican Party:

Here’s a look at the voting results:

U.S. Senate

Elisa Martinez  241 On ballot
Mark Ronchetti  198 On ballot
Louie Sanchez 113
Mick Rich  72
Gavin Clarkson 66

CD 1

Michelle Garcia Holmes  135  On Ballot
Jared Vander Dussen  64       On Ballot
Brett Kokinadis  14

CD 2

Yvette Herrell 168 On Ballot
Claire Chase 83    On Ballot
Chris Mathys   3

CD 3

Harry Montoya 86 On Ballot
Karen  Bedonie 69  On Ballot
​Anise Golden-Morper​ 39
Alexis Johnson 25
Audra Brown 4

FGGAM did not get a press release from the Democrat Party.

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