Joni and Friends
Follow the Leader

by Joni Eareckson Tada

“When the princes in Israel take the lead, when the people willingly offer themselves—praise the Lord!”

Judges 5:2

Deborah and Barak had just broken twenty years of oppression under Jabin. They erupted in a song of victory, a victory that had been assured by God. Their song opened with a simple statement of the obvious: The leaders led. And the people volunteered.

Their song captures a world of management theories, military policies, and parenting techniques. But most importantly it describes a victorious church. Churches whose leaders lead and whose people offer themselves willingly cannot be stopped. There is not one inch of Satan’s gates that can withstand the cooperative venture of people leading and following according to the will of God.

And there’s the rub—God’s will. Many a leader and follower have fought battles of their own making. Deborah and Barak would not have had a chance against Jabin’s nine hundred chariots if God had not wanted Canaan to be defeated. Likewise there is not one venture in our churches that can have any effect for God’s kingdom if it is not decreed by him.

Our task is to search the Scriptures and see how plain and direct God’s commands are for the church: make disciples, love one another, be salt and light, show compassion, and more. To claim these victories, we need you to lead or follow. Are you a leader? Lead. Lead courageously. Are you a follower? Follow. Follow willingly.

Enjoy the parade!

Lead on, O King eternal, in our church and in my life. Help us to see your will. Bring leaders and followers together. Make me to know my place in such a victorious quest.

Taken from More Precious than Silver

By Joni Eareckson Tada

Copyright © 1998
Published in Print by Zondervan, Grand Rapids

All Scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the Holy Bible: New International Version.

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