Will You Line Up With Us? Angel’s Prayer Of The Day…


Will You Line Up With Us?

Good morning beautiful people, good morning. Today is 02-02-2020. This is the year of the double blessing. Today, we will have the line up for life here in Presque Isle, Maine. Under the direction of Charlis Sullivan, Executive Director of the Pregnancy Care Center of Aroostook. The Sanctity of Human Life Sunday will take place with exciting news of all three centers having ultra sound machines in place.

At this Line Up For Life Rally, we will prayerfully and publicly recognize and mourn lives lost. The 47th memorial anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Will you join us all across this globe today in faith believing? Will you pray for the unborn? Will you line up with us? Let’s Pray:

Father, today we pray for the unborn. We thank you that life was your idea. Jeremiah 1:5a tells us Before you formed us in the womb you knew us. Before we were born you set us apart.

Father, thank you for Pregnancy Care Centers across this globe. Thank you for homes for women in crisis. As we line up today we join faith and believe for ultrasound machines for every center across this globe. We join faith and believe for homes for women in crisis.

Father, for the women across this globe that have had abortions, we ask for their healing today. May you touch their heart and make it whole again. We bring them to the healing waters of Jesus Christ.

Father, life is precious. It was your idea from the very beginning of time. May your double blessing be on every person as we continue to pray and believe for the unborn. Amen

Have a blessed day God’s beautiful people. See you in the line today or standing by faith on-line.


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