What Value is an Idol?

God Bless you Pastor Jude for your message today!!! We are thankful for you man of God! Love you and Liv!
Jude Sisneros

Habakkuk 2:18″Of what value is an idol, since a man has carved it? Or an image that teaches lies? For he who makes it trusts in his own creation; he makes idols that cannot speak. ” Wow just wow!! My thoughts… The Egyptians made a golden calf… And worshiped it.. After all God had done for them, they actually worshiped a god they had to carry around? Where was the power in that? Who would want to worship a god that couldn’t even move under it’s own power? A thing that had to be carried around .. I don’t know about u but that’s crazy.. But then again our modern day people worship a lot of things that we create.. Idolatry in this modern world is a sin that we don’t fear… Some people think that idolatry is merely bowing down to idols .. It is more than that… Idolatry is trusting in what one has made, and therefore, in ones own power as creator and sustainer… What I’m saying is this… If we worship God, but put our trust In bank accounts, homes, businesses , and organizations, then we are idolaters.. Bam !! Bet that hit a vein in somebody … So my question to all is this.. Do u trust God more than what your hands have made? If not, u better write the above scripture on the tablets of your heart…idols have no life, no personhood, no power, they are empty chunks of wood or stone.. Because if we believe in that type of power, then our life’s temple is empty, no one lives there, no spirit, no power .. The Lord is our temple, he is real , he is alive, he is powerful… He is fully God!! Idolaters command their idols to save them.. But we who worship the living God, come to him in silent adoration and awe, with great respect, and reverence.. All that idols can do is remain silent, because they cannot answer.. But the living God speaks through his Word, so listen what he has to say…and if u don’t .. Then go listen to the silent lies of your Golden Calf… Because without saying a thing.. It’s speaking death.. That is all

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