I Have Questions


I do not have questions of God… well, I do, but I more have questions of those who will likely not read this, but perhaps they will. “Those” are they that I used to attend church with – – those who used to stand and testify about the goodness of God; but now their seat is empty. They’re memory fades from the mind of the congregation and many wouldn’t know who they were if I called their name in prayer because they’ve not darkened the door of God’s house in forever.

Am I angry?

Only that Satan won a battle. I’m not angry at the individual. I just don’t understand it. I will mention a few “generic” situations and perhaps it will prompt you to call someone out in prayer today, or perhaps it’s your story.

There was a couple in our church who served God faithfully for many, many years. He retired, she was a homemaker and a beloved mom. Little by little they stopped serving, slowed their attendance, and then stopped altogether. He got a job that had weekend hours, she got cancer. And God cured her! And through it all they never returned to God’s house. I don’t understand and my question is why? Why did you not return to praise Him?

Another couple with the same story of attending many years. They struggled to keep their marriage together, God healed their home and they left church. Their home was no longer strong enough to to fight the world and it separated due to infidelity. But they managed to get back together. He got cancer. He was cured.  No return. Why?

Throughout the years I have watched countless people battle, win, and walk out on God. And they will say almost assuredly “I still worship God, I just do it at home.”

That may be true. But I doubt it. Because I know how hard it is for me to stay faithful to worship while I’m in the house of God at every opportunity. My focus can get so worldly in a heartbeat…

And speaking of heartbeats. The reason I wonder about those who struggle and do not return to God’s house is because I remember laying in the hospital facing open heart surgery and needing and receiving the presence of God in that place. I remember feeling the prayers of the saints of God that I knew were lifting my name to the Lord. That’s what friends of faith do. But if you’re not there, they’ll likely not remember you. But this morning I remember them. And I’ll bet there’s someone on your heart too.

In my teen group this week we watched a video of Francis Chan. I love this guy! He wrote “Crazy Love” and other books, but his back story is just so doggone amazing! His mother died in childbirth and then his father remarried a few years later. His second wife died when Francis was 8 in a car accident, then his father died at when Francis was 12,  leaving him orphaned. He goes to a youth rally and gets saved and finds God’s purpose for his life and he, his wife and seven children continue to serve the Lord. And he stood on the stage and thanked God for the life he was given because it caused him to seek God. Glorrrrraaaaayyyyyy! Can you say that about your struggles? I cannot always. But I can say that about the heart attack because it got my attention on what’s important, and who’s important.

My family is important. My friends are important. But God is the most important of all. Without Him I would not know healing, peace, love to the depths of the ocean and beyond. I would not know sacrifice. His sacrifice.

Luke 17:17

And Jesus answering said, Were there not ten cleansed? but where are the nine?

I asked the same question today. “Where are the nine?

Tomorrow’s Sunday. Make the plan to go to the house of the Lord! Don’t let Satan convince you that it’s not necessary. It is necessary and He is worthy. Go and praise Him!

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