WOW! Another powerful message from Pastor Jude! God Bless you Pastor!
Jude Sisneros

As I’m reading the bible, about the thief on the cross, a thought came to my mind… Before the thief came to the cross, he had to have been in prison first.. He was locked up in self, in a jail cell with no hope.. Probably full of rats, black widows, and on the way to the cross, probably only heard the sound of disgusted people hating on him, accusing him, then he feels the pain of pounding nails as soldiers nail him to a cross.. Little did he know that day.. He would be next to a man full of grace, with the offer of eternal life… And then before he could finish mocking the Savior of the world he is interrupted with the prayer of forgiveness… ” Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”(Matt. 27:44). As the thief glances over.. He gazes into the eyes of kindness for the first time that day… He stops mocking Christ, and then attempts to stop others from mocking Christ… He admits he is guilty, and that Jesus is pure(Luke 23:41) .. And instantly he knew enough about Christ, to know Christ and made the request..”Jesus , remember me when u enter your kingdom”.(Luke 23:42)….. In an instant.. The bad day of this bad man met mercy, and sealed his eternal fate.. Paradise… Before all he saw was pain, no hope, the beginning of hell, now he sees a God man… As he is taking his final breaths… He continues to see grace at his finest.. He witnesses as Jesus entrusts his mom to a friend.. Not only did his fate change so did his vision.. When people nail you to the cross of your past, Jesus swings open the door to your future.. Paradise.. The home of the righteous, the Tree of Life is there.. And now the thief with the roman nails.. Will be there too.. And so can you.. Get the picture ?

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