PRAY TEAM JESUS! Update on Brave, Little, Brice


I asked my Buddy from Minnesota Chris McArdle to give us an update on little Brice, the little guy has such a strong will to live! We thank the Lord for being with Brice and Mom and Dad and guiding them through all this. We continue to pray! We pray that the tumor be gone and no more cancer, in Jesus name, Amen!

I thank the Lord for parents like Chris and Christine, they love their little boy so very, very much!

Chris McArdle 

A CaringBridge Site was created for Brice. It‘s a caring social network to help people stay connected with family and friends during a health event.Visit Brice’s Site:
Site Name: prayforbrice

Here is what Chris wants to share:

Thanks brother. It’s been a war. God has carried us. My wife, Christine, is doing well. We’re each drained but are making it. Praying for continued endurance to fight this foe.

Brice is doing well and resting following surgery on Thursday. This was his 3rd major brain surgery to remove a tumor. It’s a very rare and aggressive brain cancer called ETMR. The neurological team is happy with the results of the latest surgery. Even surviving the surgery was a miracle. Big answered prayer. But we know there is a long road ahead. Too many possible next steps to name. So we are living in the day. Please pray for the next steps and that the tumor is finally gone. It keeps coming back. God bless each of you and thanks from the bottom of our hearts for praying. We feel them and need them. You are making an impact!

Past Post:
Please keep praying for little Brice. This week Brice will have major surgery to remove a tumor from his brain. Here is a very heart moving message, that moved me to tears, from his Daddy, Chris……
Chris McArdle
I’m learning so much through my sons battle. What’s important… and what’s not. These are some things I’m starting to practice as life priorities. To tell the people in my life how special they are. To love people when the rest of the world hates them. To be kind when people are awful. To share my faith despite fear. To give hugs. To smile when people think I have no reason to. To tell people I love them. To not sweat the small stuff. To not be lead by money (can’t take it with you when you go). To slow down. To laugh. To not be concerned about what others think. To make people lives better when I enter it. To give a few bucks to the homeless guy on the street corner. To not judge others. To realize just how fortunate I really am.

Honestly, I desire to live with a love for people that goes beyond people’s understanding. We only get so much time with the people in our lives. Why not show how much we care? Maybe It’s humbling or embarrassing. But who really cares? My goal is to start living this way. Living like tomorrow isn’t promised, because it isn’t. God loves you and so do I. Thanks to each of you for being apart of my journey in someway. If you are going through a rough patch in life, hang in there. Keep your head up and keep pressing forward. God bless and enjoy your life. It’s a gift.

Brice’s surgery is officially set for Thursday January 23rd. It will take place at Children’s Hospital in St.Paul. The goal is to remove any remaining tumor. The risks are very high for the surgery as we have communicated.

Brice is home now. We will soak up this time we have together as a family. He absolutely loves being at home. He is smiling and laughing. He periodically throws up but a minute later he is giggling. Absolutely amazing.

Please continue to pray as you have. Specifically for all remaining tumor to be removed with no side effects. We are hopeful for a miracle. January 23rd is the next massive step in this journey.

We love you, God bless, and make it a great day!

Team Jesus, pray for little Brice, for complete removal of the brain tumor, for complete healing of cancer, for his Daddy and Mommy who also are going through so very much.

We pray this all in the name of Powerful, Loving, Jesus, Amen!

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