God, Do I Matter to You?

We just love the messages of Pastor Jude! We thank the Lord for him and his lovely wife Liv! God Bless you both!
Jude Sisneros

Eph. 1:4-5 . Long ago, even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without faults in his eyes. His unchanging plan has always been to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. And this gave him great pleasure.. ( NLT)… Wow!! What a declaration !! My simple thoughts…. Read this scripture when you have that nagging question.. That doubtful question.. That question that not only consumes your heart, but your mind..”GOD, DO I MATTER TO YOU?”..So many messages tells us we don’t .. The message of a manager when he tells you, your laid off , or the message of the coffin, that says you have no purpose beyond the grave… We go from acne to Alzheimer’s in the blink of life, that sometimes leaves us feeling empty like the kid without a prom date.. So what do we do to make up for that ? We react.. Bam!!! We do more, we buy more stuff, we try to achieve more, we try to fill that void.. I heard someone say today..” Your worth today is measured by what you got”…..But I know differently.. I was adopted like the scriptures screams out to me… The Lord wanted me in his family.. And he wants you too… God sees our life from beginning to end, from birth to hearse.. And no matter what he witnessed.. He wants to adopt us into his family.. And at the end of that posted scripture.. It reads”it gives him great pleasure.. “I don’t know about you.. But if I were to get the people that loved me the most today.. And if they were to review my life’s script.. It wouldn’t give them any pleasure to adopt me into their family.. God makes it simple.. Accept my grace, and your adopted into my family.. Wow!! My identity to The Lord is not identified to The Lord by my possessions I accumulate, by my talents, by tattoos, my accomplishments , my divorce, my debt, or my dumb stupid choices I have made, and tend to still do from time to time.. I am without fail included in Gods forever family.. And so are you… Rather than trying to create reasons people should feel good about you.. Trust Gods verdict!!! Think about this people.. If God loves you… You must be worth loving.. Inspite of what people think… To live as Gods child is to know that you are loved at this very moment by your Maker.. But there is a condition.. Accept Christ as your Lord and Savior.. But that’s not enough… Repent and Change… Period!! There’s no other way.. A candle can’t save you, a Gregorian chant can’t save you, a plastic image of a saint can’t save you, it took the Son of Gods blood to save us.. Why cheapen salvation with a quick fix alternative? All your efforts to win his affection are unnecessary, you have a place at his table… I can’t bet my life on senseless alternatives, His blood wasn’t cheap, His suffering was real.. His love is abounding.. And his grace is endless.. That I can bet on big time… How about you?

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