Beyond Borders Announces its Annual Super Bowl Prayer Challenge


I got this message from Rebecca Harada late yesterday. I will be praying 3:30am to 4:30am Saturday morning! How about you?

Here is the note I got from Rebecca!

I have a ministry in Albuquerque, Beyond Borders, that focuses on fighting human trafficking. We are friends on FB, not sure how but we do prayer challenges during major events to aid the fight against human trafficking. Just thought I would see if you wanted to help us out with prayer!

Tonight is the night! We begin our 48 hours of prayer! We’ve seen many things happen from all the prayers that are going up all over the country! I’m still looking for some people to cover as the second person on an hour especially at night and on Sunday so if you want to spend an hour talking to God about these precious souls then let me know! Just remember we start on the half hour so we pray right up to kick off. I get so excited about this every year because we see results and people get such cool things from God! Please post or send me anything God reveals to you during your prayer time!

Contact Rebecca Harada through her page on Facebook

Beyond Borders

Or text 505-228-6747, or email her at

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