The Gift of Peace


Jesus said, “I leave the gift of peace with you–my peace. Not the kind of fragile peace given by the world, but my perfect peace. Don’t yield to fear or be troubled in your hearts–instead, be courageous!” (John 14:27 TPT)

How do we receive the gift of peace Jesus left with us?

In the hustle and bustle of this busy season, we take time to sit at the feet of Jesus. Like Mary did.

“As Jesus and the disciples continued on their journey, they came to a village where a woman welcomed Jesus into her home. Her name was Martha and she had a sister named Mary. Mary sat down attentively before the Master, absorbing every revelation he shared. But Martha became exasperated by finishing the numerous household chores in preparation for her guests, so she interrupted Jesus and said, ‘Lord, don’t you think it’s unfair that my sister left me to do all the work by myself? You should tell her to get up and help me.'” (Luke 10:38-40 TPT)

So often in December, so many of us get like Martha. Busy with the preparations. Things need to be done.

“The Lord answered her, ‘Martha, my beloved Martha. Why are you upset and troubled, pulled away by all these many distractions? Are they really that important? Mary has discovered the one thing most important by choosing to sit at my feet. She is undistracted, and I won’t take this privilege from her'” (Luke 10:41-41 TPT).

This December I’m realizing that if things are not up to my self-imposed expectations, it will fine.

My husband and I traveled to visit with our incarcerated son the first weekend in December. When we returned, we battled a cold and strep throat. Then we hosted a fantastic Angel Tree Christmas Party with 22 volunteers, 20 guest caregivers, and 34 children who have an incarcerated parent. The day following the Christmas party, my stepdad ended up in the hospital with pneumonia, and I’m caring for my mother who is scheduled for outpatient surgery two days before Christmas.

I didn’t even put up the Christmas tree until this past weekend. I left a lot of decorations in the box and decided this year will be simplified.

After a day at the hospital, the following morning I sat seeking the Lord for our circumstances. I poured out my heart to the Lord with every concern. Finally, peace began to fill my anxious heart.

“Don’t be pulled in different directions or worried about a thing. Be saturated in prayer throughout each day, offering your faith-filled requests before God with overflowing gratitude. Tell him every detail of your life, then God’s wonderful peace that transcends human understanding, will make the answers known to you through Jesus Christ” (Philippians 4:6-7 TPT).

After I poured out my heart or told “him every detail of my life,” I then experienced supernatural peace in my circumstances.

So whatever your circumstances are in this season … the loss of a loved one, an incarcerated loved one, or loves ones dealing with health issues, we can receive the gift of peace Jesus left us.

This Christmas, I encourage you to sit with Jesus like Mary did. In His presence, there is peace. Pour out your troubles to Him, then peace that our minds cannot comprehend will come over you.


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