Even While in The Midst of Our Tough Seasons, The Bible Teaches Us to Give Thanks


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My Friend Shonda Savage wrote this…….
Sometimes we may be caught up in the trials of life and feel overwhelmed. When we become consumed by the pressures of life, it may be difficult to think of reasons to give God thanks.

Even while in the midst of our tough seasons, the Bible teaches us to give thanks. One my toughest seasons came when my son was arrested. The tragedy of the situation felt like I lived in a nightmare and I couldn’t wake up. However, the Lord showed me that in spite of my son’s incarceration, I have reasons to give Him thanks.

Once I pressed through the barrier of anguish and began to give thanks to God for reasons listed in His word, other reasons began to rise up in my thoughts.

Please listen to my message now. Love you you all.

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