Dream Again At Christmas… Angel’s Prayer Of The Day


Dream Again At Christmas…

Good morning beautiful people, good morning. I have had the privilege to dream again with some folks that have lost their dream. Circumstances, life issues, disappointments have caused us all at times to lose our dream. One thing I have learned about God is that it will come to pass if we don’t give up. Dream it again beautiful people, dream it again. Keep dreaming and don’t ever give up.

We all go through times of testing, stretching and discovery. The path isn’t always laid out clearly before us and we need to knock on several doors before the right door opens. It is in this time that we discern who is with us. We discover heart motives of ourselves and others. We discover why our actions and others can’t override the faithfulness of our God. The discoveries are endless as we journey with Jesus everyday. Keep dreaming.

If you lost your dream, dream again. Dream bigger today, than you did yesterday. We serve a big God and he has ways to bring it all together, way beyond ourselves. Write it down and then get to work helping fulfill another persons dream.

As we prepare for Christmas, make it a better Christmas for someone else. Maybe that person that has lost their dream and God will trust you with helping them. Ask God to highlight someone. Everyone was born with a purpose and a destiny. What could be more important than to help another? Let’s Pray:

Father, thank you for journeying every day with us. Today, empower us to help another that has lost their dream. Every life has great purpose, great value and a God given destiny.

Father, thank you for highlighting someone that we can help. Everyone has something to give. A smile, a hug, an encouraging word costs nothing. Whatever we have may we be channels that you can flow through. Trust us with much, we pray. Amen

Have a blessed day God’s most beautiful people. Dream again and help another persons dream come true. Dream at Christmas and every day. God is able to bring it to pass. Yes he is!

We both had dreams,” they answered, “but there is no one to interpret them.” Then Joseph said to them, “Do not interpretations belong to God? Tell me your dreams.” Genesis 4:8





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