WE ARE SICK WITH GRIEF: UPDATED: Mother of Two State Police Officers Shot Dead in Her Albuquerque Driveway


UPDATED THURSDAY MORNING Nov. 21, 2019 at 4:48 am:

I am weeping this morning…….yesterday in rained here in Albuquerque……Perhaps God crying over the City…….

This is just so horrible, SETTING A HOMICIDE RECORD, the words are very disturbing! I prayed about a different headline……it just sounds so EVIL……… I beleive in my heart and soul that Mayor Kelly and Police Chief Mike Geier and their team are doing all they can and then some. As I have stated many times over the years it is a HEART ISSUE, hearts need to be given to Jesus! ABQ Journal Report

ABQ Mayor Tim Keller on Violent Crime

NM DA’s Call for Stiffer Penalties

From Yesterday: Sharon and I are in deep mourning for the family, for the New Mexico State Police, for all of the people who live in Albuquerque.

It is 4 am Wednesday morning……it has started to rain…..tears from Heaven falling on Albuquerque…….

How do you report this story? First of all Albuquerque is very unsafe, we have to admit this!  Satan is roaming the streets of Albuquerque and having his way with many, it is a horrible situation, with no end in sight to these murderous actions. Albuquerque is about to set a tragic, very tragic record for homicides. When I first heard this news I thought of my Sharon who leaves home early every morning for work, I am always out in the driveway with her and she leaves. I lay my hands on her and pray for her safety, I have done this for several years. I keep thinking about this lovely lady and her sons. Can you imagine? ABQ Journal Report

UPDATED 6:47AM Wed. ABQ Suffers 72nd Homicide

Our deep prayers of love are with the family and the New Mexico State Police.

At one point this year things got so bad that the Governor called in the State Police to patrol Albuquerque. This month the State Police were called into Belen to help the local police with violent crime. Many towns in New Mexico have a huge problem with violence in their communities.

I pray that the City of Albuquerque stops and mourns.

Albuquerque ranks among nation’s top 10 most dangerous big cities

I have been in news on and off since 1979. I have never seen such a horrific situation as what is going on here in Albuquerque. Killing after killing, violent crime, robberies, assaults, children being murdered, abortions, drug addiction deaths, drunk driving deaths, cars stolen, homes and businesses being broken into, some repeatedly! We have a friend whose home was broken into 7 times, they moved to Arizona.

I get ask by my friends in Reserve to move there or to move back to my hometown of Windom, Minnesota. We would love to! But the Lord has us planted here for now. Sharon and I know God has us here in Albuquerque for His purpose. Many of our friends from out-of-state say that we are missionaries to this land here, God has us planted here to shine his light to one person at a time.

We are in a very dangerous situation here in Albuquerque, If you live here please take all precautions. We are not even safe in our own driveways. This horrible killing happened in a very nice neighborhood near us. Crime has no zip code.

This was the 71st homicide in Albuquerque this year, surpassing last year’s total of 69 homicides. The highest number in recent history was in 2017, when there were 72.

I have never lived in a town where people have told me directly that they don’t go to Albuquerque anymore because of all the violence. To hear that for the first time really hit me, but as time goes on, I understand. I visit widows who have nowhere to move to, they are afraid for their lives here in Albuquerque. TRUTH!

ABQ Woman Charged With Stabbing Her Wife to Death

Just remember you cannot legislate morality, it is a heart issue. Hearts given to JESUS!

We are in a Spiritual crisis not only New Mexico but America, it is not a political crisis it is Spiritual warfare. We are a country now, where many have made politics their God. Sadly, people think politics will solve our problems, that is so very wrong. Politics is wrecking our Country. Politics in America is mired down in thick mud slop.

The Truth About Spiritual Warfare

I mourn for the city of Albuquerque for what it has become, so very violent and life is not valued, either through shootings or abortion. Killing so many of God’s children.

This will not change until hearts are changed for Jesus. We must reach the lost.

Politics is not the answer, Jesus is………..

This is what happens when we do not have the minds of Christ. When we are not grounded in our Lord Jesus Christ.
Too much of the world struggles with the “natural mind” The thinking process that is limited to human reason and resources. Human history shows that the natural mind becomes progressively self-destructive if left to it’s own desires. People who are directed by their natural minds walk in darkness and have incorrect thinking.
“So I tell you this, in the futility of their thinking. They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts.” Eph 4:17,18
The Word of God calls the mind of a natural man “blinded” 2 Cor. 4:4 “depraved” Romans 1:28, “corrupt” 1 Tim 6:5, and “unspiritual” Col. 2:18. The natural mind thinks from a humanistic  sin-debased viewpoint. The viewpoint of the flesh directs it’s thoughts. The sinful mind is under control of Satan.
This why we must share the light of Jesus Christ to one person at a time……..what I just shared with you is why so many of the folks in Washington struggle!
Let us all be Christ like in all we do, to have the mind of Christ! Let us strive to be Salt and Light!
Do not show an unbelieving world what it wants to see. Let us all exhibit Godly behavior.

 I have said for years that we are in deep trouble in this Country, that of course includes the Church. So many do not know God! I have called for the Church to carry out The Great Commission in the love of Jesus! America needs missionaries right here!!!!!!! The Church needs to get down to the business of God and not the business of man and politics. I say that politics has become a religion too many…..that is very, very sad! Too many worship politicians and not God. I asked this question last night of all of us: The WW II Generation is said to be our greatest generation ever! What will we be remembered for? The downfall of America? Now let is hear From Man of God Dr. Denison:

The “spiritual but not religious” movement

I could go on: scientists don’t really know why gravity exists, how plate tectonics work, or how animals migrate so successfully.

My purpose is not to criticize scientists, but to point out the inherent limitations of science. And my purpose in pointing out such limitations is not to criticize science, but to remind us that all humans are finite creatures in need of truth and wisdom only our Creator can supply.

Here’s why this theme is on my mind today.

It was my privilege to deliver the T. B. Maston Lectures at Baptist University of the Américas (BUA) in San Antonio this week. I believe strongly in BUA’s crucial mission and the leadership of its outstanding president, Dr. Abe Jaquez.

His faculty asked me to discuss the popularity of the “spiritual but not religious” movement, an urgent and timely topic. A Pew Research Center study reports that only 48 percent of Americans now consider themselves to be both “religious and spiritual,” while 18 percent say they are “neither religious nor spiritual.” But 27 percent say they are “spiritual but not religious.” Their number has grown nearly 50 percent in recent years.

By comparison, Pew Research Center estimates America’s evangelical population to be 25.4 percent. The Baptist population is 15.4 percent. According to an authoritative study, only 20.4 percent of the US population attends church on any given week.

This means there are more “spiritual but not religious” Americans than Americans who attended church last Sunday.

“There was no king in Israel.”

A major reason why so many Americans choose to be spiritual but not religious is that they think they no longer need religion to be spiritual. It is conventional wisdom in our postmodern culture that truth is personal and subjective. There is no such thing as “truth,” only “your truth” and “my truth.”

We are therefore all equally able to discern spiritual truth for ourselves without need of divine revelation from a divine Creator. Or so we’re told.

How’s this working for us?

The theme of the book of Judges is the theme of our culture: “In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25). In a true kingdom, the king is the final authority on all subjects. His declaration is truth, his word inviolate.

Throughout Scripture, we are told that our God is such a king. Jesus called us to “repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 4:17). He taught us to “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness” (Matthew 6:33). We are to pray, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10). We are creatures in desperate need of truth only our Creator can provide.

It has been well said: To get along with God, stay off his throne.

How to know if God is your king

When last did you enthrone Jesus as king of your life?

Here’s a practical way to answer the question: We make God our king to the degree that we do what he says whether we want to or not. If he is our counselor or father, we can ignore his direction. If he is our king, we must do whatever he tells us to do.

So, I’ll ask again: When last did you make Jesus your king?

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